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Monday, March 26, 2012

Still Hated After All This Time

Wow! I was checking out some Jessi Slaughter videos, I'm still interested in knowing where she went wrong at! She is one of the most HATED people on the internet now. At least I found out one reason why. Because she dressed like a little whore and put her half-naked, 11-year old body on YouTube, and cussed like a sailor! But that's just one reason. I've seen kids almost that age dress just about as bad, and not get that badly bashed. But I think the big reason she was targeted the way she was is because she said Dahvie Vanity, who is the lead singer of a rock group called Blood on the Dance Floor, raped her. And her accusation almost ruined his career. So now I understand! HA! Kids can be so dumb! That's a horrible thing to do to someone you supposedly admire! Especially if you know how touchy people get about child rape! I love Tim Farriss, but I would NEVER EVER accuse him of raping a child!! Because I know he would never do it! If I was a kid, I wouldn't be saying someone I loved raped me when they actually didn't. Even if it was meant to be a joke, there are some places where you have to just draw the line. I wouldn't even say anything like that about someone I hated.

I remember some time ago, I hated Kirk Pengilly for snubbing me at a meet and greet. I still dislike him for that. I'm no longer a fan of his. But it wasn't the first time he did it, and there were witnesses, and I did not say that he raped me! I didn't even say it to ruin his career. I said it basically to get it off my chest, because well, it did hurt me deeply. I used to love that guy! He was right up there among my top favorite rock stars, next to Timmy. But when he snubbed me for like the 2nd time, I believe it was, it made me feel bad. I wouldn't have cared if a stranger snubbed me, or a rock star I didn't give 2 shits about, but I used to love Kirk. I admired him through pictures and videos, and to find out he wasn't that friendly to me, well, it bothered me. Timmy was nicer, in a gruffy kind of way. Not necessarily aloof, but a bit proud. But I would never intentionally ruin someone's career. I didn't even care if other INXS fans believed me about Kirk, or went along with me even. That was just my experience with him. If others like him, that's good! But I only have my own past experiences with him to draw on, and I have no choice but to go by that. Although I've considerably cooled off on that last incident, and I don't know. Hopefully soon, like this one fan said, we can possibly meet again, and maybe my experience with him then will be much more rewarding. Who knows? If he had just smiled at me, that would be nice. Because I stood there like a dumbass and smiled at him.

Well, what this girl did to Dahvie Vanity was horrible, but I can only hope she learned her lesson. And like all kids, she thinks she didn't do anything wrong. I just don't understand how a little girl who puts herself out there, can go from this:

To this:

First she says "You don't faze me", and then she says "you guys have ruined my life!" and she's crying about the hate comments she gets on her videos. I get ALL kinds of hate comments, and I mean ALL kinds! They don't faze me at all. In fact, I laugh at them. It's like "fuck them!" I almost felt bad when TwiztidAsh decided to drop me as a buddy, but that did not last long, believe me! LOL! Considering the kind of person TwiztidAsh really is. But anyway, I get all kinds of hate comments, I read each one (well, except maybe those of people I blocked from my account). But like I said, fuck them! They're just keyboard warriors looking for a little attention because they aren't getting it from anywhere else. Sometimes I even like feeding the trolls. It can be funny! But to date, absolutely NO hate comments have ever made me start crying. 100% of the people who leave comments like that on my channel are strangers anyway. So, I'm no worse off when they leave the comment than I was before they left the comment. That's how I see it. The only thing I don't take kindly to is threats. You can kick, scream, fuss, call me every name in the book, I don't care! But I don't take lightly to threats. I've never threatened anyone on the internet, so I expect the same respect from my viewers. I've never even so much as wished death on anyone. That's about the same as a threat to me.

This brings me to the third reason this girl was harassed, because she threatened her audience, and that is just something you never do. I hate trolls and haters myself, but heck, I say let them live their lives, and I'll live mine. They'll get what's coming to them soon enough. You know how Karma works! It always catches up with them! That's why people who kill others spend time in prison and death row even. I'm surprised that none of the people who have watched my "I Hate Montana" video have threatened to shoot me yet! They're probably thinking it though. LOL! But that would be kindof a stupid reason to kill someone, just because they don't like your home state, and if I survived, it'd only make my feelings about Montana worse. And if these people think they're "smarter" than I am (LOL!) nothing would tarnish their image like that would. A person doesn't look smart, or tough, if they harm an unarmed person. It only makes them look foolish because sooner or later, they will get caught.

Well, I still continue to put videos out there, I actually like getting comments. It gives me a reason to put up videos. I often upload a video to YouTube thinking "I wonder what kinds of comments I'll get on this video?" I think about both the good and bad comments. I think about what both my admirers and haters will say. I'm always prepared for any kind of comments, because not everyone is going to be positive when viewing one of my videos. I like to write about the stupidest trolls here on my blog because they're so dumb, they make me laugh sometimes. I am still waiting for that one most creative comment from someone who probably does not exist!
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