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Friday, March 16, 2012

They Pushed Me Into Doing It!!

I just made a video and put it up on Youtube. It's been a while since I've made a video, but the panther-fanatics have given me a new idea! It's kinda twisted, I know that, but they pushed me into doing the video! And I said that from now on, for every panther-fanatic that harasses or threatens me or my dogs, I will put up another video like this one.

LOL! All it is basically is pics of dead panthers with laughing in the background, I also included a little message at the end for this group of panther fanatics. I closed the comments on this video only because I want the panther-fanatics to suffer! I only hope my panther-loving friends don't take this personally. I didn't mean it for them. Only for the panther fanatics that have been harassing me because I love dogs and hate panthers. Seriously, fanatics ruin everything for everybody!

Already I got one whining panther-fanatic! LOL! He says

Just saw your other video about dead panthers...You are a sick twisted fuck for thinking that's funny. I'm talking about panther CHAMELEONS to by the way why would anyone be talking about actual panthers on a video about reptiles? Grow up

HAHAHAHA!! Then I know I am doing something right! I hope it disturbs other panther fanatics the way it bothered this dude. Incidentally this was the same guy who asked me yesterday what I meant by panther lovers being spineless.

The panther-fanatics video has been flagged by the whiny panther-fanatics and taken off of YouTube. I say Fine! But I am going to turn in names of the panther-fanatics that have harassed and threatened me and my dogs. I'm going to have them reported as well, and post the video here. :)
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