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Saturday, April 21, 2012

1000-Mile Walk

I wanted to do it! I still want to do it! It's something I've never done before. I wanted to go on a very long walk, a walk that would have probably taken us weeks to complete, but it would have been so much fun! I talked at length with Anna about it, we were going to go on a walk all the way from Bozeman, MT to North Dakota. Montanans go on long walks like that all the time. So I figured why can't we do the same? I see those lonely hikers on the side of the freeway all the time, almost every time I go on the freeway. Most of them look younger than me, but still! I'd like to do something like this. It'd be a very rough existence, but really, it'd be a lot cheaper than taking the car to North Dakota. It'd be the adventure of a lifetime. If I had kids, I'd say this would be an adventure to one day relay to grandchildren! LOL! We were going to pack the dogs in their buggies, and just go and have fun, walk 20 miles each day, and where ever we found ourselves was where we would make our camp and stay for the night.

I wanted to do this. But Anna reminded me that our schedule is too tight right now to do something like this. She wants to go back to school, and she has a surgery scheduled for the beginning of June. I have to take her for that. So it's like BUMMER!!!!! I really wanted to do this. And I betcha we would have lost plenty of weight by the time we got back home. At least 50 pounds of it. Anna said we may even have made the news! Probably. It was a choice between walking or boating to North Dakota. I've never done either! Anna said "I'll take you camping one day." But for me, it's not just the camping that would have made this trip special, I've been camping many times before. It's the 1000-mile walk that would have made it special, going places we've never been before, seeing things we've never seen before, in a way that I've never seen them before. Anybody can view anything from a moving vehicle, but to see them on foot, walking by, in sort of a way, it allows you to interact with that thing. The only thing I would have worried about on a trip like that would be highway men. But I would have carried weapons to deal with them. They would also be easier to avoid if we took the back roads.

Ya know, I think this is why Americans are so fat! Because our schedules are so busy no one has time to work off what they eat. That really sucks! We would be able to go on this walk if only Anna's upcoming schedule was not so busy. I was going to keep a video diary of the walk, and Anna was going to bring along her trip journal, which she always brings every time we go on a trip. She writes about the fun we have and everything.

Anyway, I've got some good news about Brandi, Lois is getting her some training with a professional canine behaviorist. Hopefully with the proper training, Brandi won't be so aggressive anymore and will leave Minnie alone. She usually does when I am in the dog park. Because she learned after the first attack on Minnie, that I'm not going to take any of her shit! This last time she attacked Minnie, I wasn't in the park, I couldn't keep Brandi from her. Well, let's hope and pray for the best. I'd really hate to see Lois lose Brandi! But as of now, Brandi is a big threat to a lot of dogs. And Minnie is so tiny, I'm scared to death Brandi is going to kill her one day!


mikessa said...

We may still get to do that, but I was thinking boating along the Yellowstone River. It would be great for those really hot days. A walk would be all right if I had more time. If I didnt have that oral surgery coming up, we would have left now.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Yeah, the surgery is what really stops us. It comes at a bad time for this project.