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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dinner At The White House

I was reading yesterday about the Correspondence Dinner at the White House. A lot of politicians were there along with several journalists. But also among the guest list were many modern day celebrities. If you can call them "celebrities"! Apparently the Kardashians were there as well. One has to ask what the Hell got the Kardashians invited to the White House in the first place??? They're not really even celebrities. Everyone knows who they are, but that does not make them celebrities. The only reason the Kardashians are even on TV is because their family lived next door to OJ Simpson and they were friends with Michael Jackson. That's what they confessed to Oprah. That's the ONLY reason these people won a place in the public spotlight! No other reason in the World! They sure have no talent to speak of. None of them are even really attractive! I think Obama just wanted to get a piece of Kim's ass. Kim has a thing for dark guys (much like me). But apparently her last boyfriend was not satisfied with her. Obviously her performance in the bedroom must be as substandard as her "talent" on TV! I knew that marriage would not last! In the one picture I saw when Ray J proposed marriage to her, she looked happy, but he didn't.

The "happy" couple.
Ray J looks more like he's counting the days on his fingers that he has to pretend to be in love with her. Apparently there is a story behind this marriage. She cheated on her first husband to be with this guy. That's kinda sad! But that's the scandal. She's really not the first celebrity to cheat on her husband for another man. Who knows? Maybe that is what made Kim Kardashian famous? She's not even attractive! Take away the years and thousands of dollars in plastic surgeries that she's obviously had, she'd probably look like me!

So I guess all one has to do to become a celebrity these days is live next door to an even more famous celebrity who has real talent. You don't need your own talent, just do like the Kardashians, sponge off the talent of someone like OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson, and the misfortune of Nicole Simpson. LOL! Well if that's the case then move me to the elite area of Beverly Hills! Or New York City!! I have potential for making movies, but as of now, I could benefit from some improvement. But I guess if I lived next door to a celebrity, I could just become famous from that. I could tell everyone that I live next door to George Clooney, and that he and I played together as children. LOL! That's fucking bullshit, but if I lived next door to him, I could pretend it's true just to become famous.

What has happened to the World today??? People used to have real talent. Look at INXS. There was a group that had exceptional talent. I loved them for it. Compare them to someone like Justin Beiber today. Beiber has no talent whatsoever! What he has is highly-payed sound alternators and talented sound engineers who work hard to make Justin Beiber sound better than he actually does. Nobody has talent nowadays. They have technology instead. It'd be great if we could actually lay off some of the modern technology and let the person's talent take over instead. I guarantee you, Justin Beiber would be laughed off the stage if his fans heard the voice he really has, I betcha. I could get on stage and sing, and probably sound better than Justin Beiber does! And I sound like broken bottles rubbing across rusty nails when I sing! But if I had the same sound mechanics and engineers that Justin Beiber has, I could sound like an angelic choir!

I was thinking about this not only because of the White House Correspondence Dinner, but also because I was watching the Three Stooges last night. Funny bunch of guys! I loved them. They seemed to be really popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Those were the days when people had real talent! And I mean REAL, raw talent!! Something that is totally bred out of people today. Even on television. I was remembering when I was a teenager and had a big thing for old movies and old movie stars. I remember back then I HATED the Three Stooges! I don't know why! Looking at their shows now, I often wonder why I hated them back then. Maybe I saw them as some kind of competition for the Marx Brothers, who was what I really loved back then. Actually by comparison, the Marx Brothers, except for Harpo, were relatively boring compared with the Three Stooges. If it weren't for Harpo, most of the Marx Brothers movies would not even be worth seeing. Especially after they left Paramount Pictures. Among their pictures, Duck Soup and Horsefeathers were probably my favorites. They came up with some cute quips in those movies. But the Three Stooges always put a lot of comedy action in their films! I loved it when they always smacked each other. I always find myself mimicking Curly, LOL! In a funny way. But he made it look a lot funnier than I can. He can growl and bark like a dog and make it sound cute. When I mimic him, I just sound stupid. In fact, no one makes it sound as cute as Curly did! I remember a lot of people back in Lakewood would sure try, but none of them sounded as cute as Curly did. I don't know what it was with that town. People there liked to act like dogs for some reason. I used to see it all the time. And all of them looked stupid doing it. I'm glad I never joined in with them. LOL! They did it all on their own.

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