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Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't Care

Well, I have tried to put this vegan shit behind me, but the fanatical vegans keep wanting to open the book, even though as far as I am concerned, the subject is closed. They are not going to ever convert me, but being the retarded dipshits that they are, they don't know the meaning of the word NO. See this is why I hate fanatical vegans. Actually ANY fanatics I don't like. They're like fleas, they're pests. I actually dreaded commenting on my vegan friends' Facebook pages, because I was concerned that the fanatics would take it as some sort of invitation to raid my life again. But you know, the more they push their beliefs on me, the more I rail against them, and the only thing they succeed in is making the steak (or burger, or porkchops) taste even better, and look so much more appetizing, just to piss them off.

They use the heart attack and cancer angles to try and intimidate me into turning vegan. But you know what? That doesn't work either. I'm not afraid! If I have a heart attack, then I just do! If I die from it, at least I die happy, and not with the taste of dirt, fungus and seaweed in my mouth. To me, that would be worse than the heart attack it's self. That would even be worse than the death, it's self! I would rather die at 50, and eat what I love than to live to be 100 and not be able to eat meat anymore. That would SUCK!!! But there is no definitive proof that someone who eats meat will die early of a heart attack. Like I said, my grandma's aunt lived to be over 100, and she was definitely a "meat and potatoes" person. But if I were to go vegan, it would be only because of my friends, not the fanatics. But if the fanatics keep pushing, I'll just keep railing against veganism.

I bring this up because someone left a comment on my page asking me if I ever sat down to think why I enrage vegans. I said no, and I don't care either. If the fanatical vegans are going to raid my channel, then they deserve to be enraged. I'm all for them being enraged! Like I said, if they don't like my channel or my opinions, they can leave and never come back. Or I'll do it for them by continuing to block them, and report each one to YouTube for harassment. Maybe I should direct the fanatical vegans to my dead panther video. LOL! Again, just to piss them off even more. But I dunno. Maybe I should just do like what is always suggested when trolls and haters are harassing you. They say to just stop, block and report. That's it! Don't respond to them, just block them. I have this natural urge to communicate with my viewers, but I need to get over it! I don't get like Purfect Dream always did on Pluba, she used to get crazy! But I do let them know I am laughing at them.

This guy said that instead of hurting the fanatical vegans by laughing at them, I could try to understand. I say Why? Why should I try to understand them, when they don't try in the least to understand me? It's not on me. The ball is in their court. Not mine. I didn't invite them in the first place to view my videos, that was their choice. I'm not the one who threatened their lives, but they always threaten mine. Even my dogs have been threatened by fanatical vegans. People who supposedly say they care for animals. The nicer vegans, I don't mind them commenting on my videos or my channel. But the fanatics who piss and moan about my lifestyle, and threaten me or my dogs, I usually block them and I still report them to YouTube for harassment.

This is why everybody hates vegans, and the word vegan has become somewhat synonymous with someone who is pushy, bossy, nosy and just a total ass. They're lucky I'm not in the same room with them, I'd probably want to sit on them. But then I guess that's why they do this stuff online. Because they wouldn't dare say any of their shit to my face. I may be fat, but I can move as fast and suddenly as a bear if I want to. LOL! I've done it before. But I still say any fanatical vegan who comes to my channel and watches my videos deserves to be enraged. I'm sure there is some "leading entity" that tells them about my videos, and if they don't like it, then don't come. Otherwise if they do come, they have no right to complain. Too bad the fanatical vegans are too dumb to see that! Maybe they've been vegan too long that it's eating away at their brains. And yes, it has been proven that if a person gives up eating meat for very long, that it does turn their brains into mush. Tofu and peanuts do not substitute very well either.

Well, I added another job to my already extended list. Now, I am cataloguing my DVDs. I have literally thousands of DVDs, and I am making a list of all of them, what is on them and everything. Now I am doing my compilation DVDs, which takes a lot of doing! I have to watch each one, write down numbers, chapters, positions and everything, and look up titles. Sometimes I make up titles, and that saves a lot of time. I know what they are. But I try to be accurate and just look up titles. There are titles out there. I think for this project, I should print the title lists.

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