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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ever Wonder Why

Did you ever wonder why I don't really care if I am the most hated person on the internet and in this apartment complex? I admit it, I only have a few friends here, but they are great friends! I never cared to become "popular". I get negative comments on Youtube and they really do not bother me. Well, I got a negative comment this morning from a dumb vegan fanatic, but I warned them that if they bothered me that I was going to start blocking and reporting them from now on. Some get the message, others don't. Those that don't, I have to remind them who's boss of my channel. :) And it's not them! Most, if not all of them, are teenagers who need a good ass-kicking anyway. They probably come from meat-eating families, and never learned how to behave like a true vegan is supposed to (according to my friends). Ya know I used to not write to my vegan friends on Facebook, because I didn't want to, in any way, show any of their other vegan friends (in case they had friends who were fanatics) I was communicating with them. I would occasionally "like" their posts, but I never commented on their posts or channels or anything. But then I recently said to myself "screw them!" I'm there to converse with my friends, not with anyone else. So now I treat them as equally as I do all my other Facebook friends. Screw the fanatical vegans! hehe!

But anyway, forget about them! hehe! That's how my mind works, it can quickly shift gears from one thing to another. YouTube is usually the first site I visit when I make my daily rounds to check my messages and e-mails. Then I go to Facebook and visit my friends. Then I go to Craigslist to search for an apartment on the coast. By the time I get to Craigslist, especially if I see something I love, the negative comments from YouTube losers are all but forgotten. Just before I came here in fact, I saw a wonderful looking home, it allows pets and is only 2 blocks away from the beach. In fact, it has a 180-degree, panoramic view of the ocean! I want it!!! More than anything! It's not too far away from the Seaside/Astoria area either. I'd love to look into getting it. The only problem is now, it is not the best time to look into moving, especially here with snow on the ground. But it's always fun to dream! And who knows? Maybe it'll still be available in the summer, when I can possibly move. IF I have enough money saved by then, and a car.

Say, that reminds me! Where are the donations at? LOL! I figured with all those "people" wanting to campaign to "remove all 'idiots' from Montana", that the donations would just be pouring in. Shoot! That's what I would do if an idiot Montanan moved to Washington or Oregon, and decided it was a mistake to move there and wanted to move back to Montana! And I opened up my big mouth like that CaptnHowD guy did and said I was "campaigning to remove all idiots from Oregon and Washington". LOL! I would have given them a generous donation to get started getting out. But then again, when I have a hobby, I see it completely through! I don't just say I'm going to do something (I wound up here, didn't I! LOL!) I do it! Without any donations, all those in this "campaign" can only hope someday soon, I win the lottery. The only reason I am here is because 1) I wanted to come and support my sister. And 2) because I didn't have my own car in Ocean Shores. It'd have been tough living in Ocean Shores without a car. That is the one thing I need now to get back to the coast. I thought I could make it here in Montana, I'm usually a tough and rugged girl myself. But let's face it, I'm just not cut out to live here.

Some people love the mountains, some people love living in deserts, or jungles, or in caves, and even underground. Me? I'm a beach-comber. I'm just not happy unless I am living near water. BIG water! And I don't mean a lake! You couldn't give me a lake-front home! It very definitely has to be a beach home. I used to be a mountain girl back in the days, but now that I've had a taste of living near the ocean, I find I love that sooooo much better! So anyway, that is one reason I don't care if I don't make friends here, because I know I won't be here much longer, and I really don't care to have friends here. I have a few, and that's it. That's enough. It's going to be heart-breaking enough leaving them behind! Maybe we can write to each other after I leave.

Another reason I don't go all "Jessi Slaughter" over hate comments (hehe) is because I just don't have time to! I'm trying to work on another edition of this dog book that I completed in 2009, so that hopefully I can release another edition that has more updated information, maybe I'll get to release the latest edition by 2015. I'm finding new breeds to write about all the time. Plus, I am working on a book about tropical fish, which I just added another chapter to yesterday. That will also become available on the UMG Productions website when it is completed, as will the dog book. And guess what, I've also decided to finish the bird book that I started back in 2004. Actually, the idea for that bird book began in 1988, and I've been working on it since then. But then when I moved to Ocean Shores, for some reason, I stopped working on it. I don't know why, and when we moved from Ocean Shores to here, I even threw away all my folders and information about birds. Now, I am mad that I did, but I am trying to regain my interest in finishing this work. I only hope I can! And I need to finish all this before I pass on! I can't do like Jessi Slaughter did about her hate comments! I simply don't have time to! I barely have time to sleep, let alone cry, sob and have emotional breakdowns over some nameless, faceless persons who don't matter to me anyways on the internet! Maybe she should try that! You get busy enough, you don't even think about anything else!
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