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Sunday, April 29, 2012

GOD Is Great!

First of all, Atheists, stop reading now! This is not to change anyone's opinions of GOD.

I remember one time some dumbass said that I was cursed by a GOD because I was the ugliest thing he's (not GOD's) ever seen. LOL! Well, that comment was made by a dumbass teenage vegan fanatic. I don't think GOD gives half a bird's shit what a vegan teenager thinks of me. HE has been very good to me throughout most of my life. If I were cursed, that teenage vegan fanatic would have lived closer to me instead of all the way in Ontario, Canada. Ya see what happens when a country bans corporal punishment! You get kids like this fanatical vegan who never learned to treat people with respect. If he were my kid, teenager or not, I'd have smacked him, and smacked him GOOD!!!! That's what he needs. But there is no chance of him moving close to me. Montana is not a place for vegans! People here hunt animals for food and sport, it's a way of life here. They fish for food and sport. Basically most everyone here is tough and rugged, not the type I've seen among vegan fanatics. I've never seen any vegans here in fact. The closest I've seen to fanatical vegans here is cat people. But as far as I know, the cat people do not go hunting or fishing.

According to this teenager, all you have to do to be cursed by GOD, is to be the ugliest thing that kid has ever seen. LOL! Personally, as long as I have known GOD, being ugly is not a curse. Because GOD does not think any of HIS creations are ugly. But if being ugly were truly a curse, more ugly people would be victims of rape and murder. But that actually rarely happens. Unless the ugly person is a prostitute or something like that. But so far, GOD has been very good to me. I came close to being raped once, but that was when I was young and beautiful, and the dude who tried to rape me was so inexperienced, he was almost comical. If he had really wanted to rape me, he would have forced me into the bushes and done it. But he had no weapons (except maybe a 5-inch rock), and he wasn't forceful enough. So, I left unharmed. If I were really cursed, that guy would have had a much more formiddible weapon and would have force-raped me.

The Westboro Baptist Church says everyone is going to Hell and that they will be the only ones in Heaven. I saw another clip where Shirley was asked what if one of her children wanted to join the military, and she said she would NEVER allow it! Because none of her children would ever go overseas and fight for what she calls "a fag nation" or "a doomed nation". She would however allow her children to become lawyers and defend citizens of this "doomed nation". One way or another, that family is defending a country that they hate the most. It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't even understand why they want to even live in the USA. If I hated the USA as much as they do, I would surely leave here! But I don't. I hate the UK even more. LOL! I don't mean the scenery or the towns. I mean the people. Except maybe my friends, and I do have friends in the UK. Fred Phelps was a lawyer, and he was barred from being one because he once called one of his very own clients (the people who put money in his pocket) a slut, and told a lot of lies about someone that were proven not to be true. It's obvious he's a redneck! I also saw a video of a 4-year old girl in that extended family singing one of their stupid songs, and at the end of the song, I noticed even that little girl has that psychotic grin that the Phelps all seem to breed. Well why not? That's what inbreeding does. It works in dogs and cats. You inbreed to breed true. That's what happened to the Phelps family of the WBC. Sisters bred to brothers and cousins and perhaps Fred himself mated with his daughters, to produce that psychotic grin in all their descendants. They're the only kids on the planet that are born to hate.

UGH! Thank GOD I am not one of them. If I were truly cursed, then the WBC would look attractive to me. LOL! But no, I hate them as much as anyone. Watching a video of an interview with Fred Phelps, I wanted to scream at that man to just shut the fuck up!!! The man just never stops gabbing! Like I said, he reminds me a lot of my neighbor. I guess you could say I am cursed living next door to her, but it won't be for long. I'd only be cursed if she moves to the coast with me. I doubt though that would happen. I think she's one of these "native" Montanans (I don't mean the Indians, I mean the white cocksuckers) that hates people from out of state. She seems like it. But there is one good thing about her, she tends to tune me and Anna out when we're at the dog park. So we have a mutual admiration society, she leaves me alone, I leave her alone. But I still call her "motor-mouth". But that's because that's what she is! Back home, we have a name for people like her. We call them "attention-whores". She only goes to the dog park because no one else in this building will give her the time of day. So she seeks attention from my buddies, whom I go there specifically to see.

Well, the WBC can say what they want about me, say I am going to Hell, and all that bullshit. But GOD has been very good to me. If HE hadn't, believe me, I would have been dead now. I survived a great deal more than anyone will ever know! I've survived many bad spills. I've survived madmen. I survived living in Lakewood, WA. I survived Mount St. Helens' fury. I survived suicide attempts. I survived several bad illnesses. I've survived evil neighbors. Yep, GOD has been good to me throughout the years. And I thank HIM for that.

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