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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Found Out!

I totally found out this morning who the "person" was that left that nasty message on my sister's door. I cannot tell Anna who it was, but I heard who is responsible for it through the grapevine. This person apparently told Roger that (s)he was going to do it, and Roger told Lois. No one wants Anna to know because they feel she'll open up another can of worms. But when it was told to me, I was shocked! Yesterday, when Karen, Kim and I were talking about it, I said to Karen that I hope the culprit is not another fat-ass themselves. Karen almost died laughing. Well, guess what! It is another fat-ass! In fact, the person is a LOT fatter (and uglier) than Anna is, and I could not tell Anna who it was, but I told her to take comfort in the fact that the person who made that sign is MUCH fatter than she is! It's not at all any of the people I thought it was, but definitely someone I didn't like at all. And now I hate that person even MORE because that dumbass made me blame an innocent man and say things in a letter that I would never normally say to anyone! Including not signing my name to the letter! I'm not like that, that made me feel like a coward, and I hate that feeling!

I'm not normally a people-person, but the person who did this to Anna, I never liked him/her from the very first time I saw them. There was something about this person that just bothered me from the start. Now I know what it was! Am I a great judge of character or what??!! HA!! I remember Karen one time wanted me to get in the elevator with this person (LONG before the note incident), and I refused to do it! But she made me anyway! I hated it! It gave me goosebumps and made my skin crawl just being in the elevator with this person. I'll tell you, I don't like this person at all!! The fact that the culprit is a fat-ass themself, and a coward, it almost made me just burst out laughing! Well, that and the fact that I sensed there was something evil about this person from day 1. It's like "hey pot! Meet kettle!" and "she's black!" But this person is FAT, ugly, and I never see them out going on long walks either, so is very lazy as well! MUCH lazier than Anna!

I told Anna that I would tell her someday, perhaps after she moves out of here. But I just cannot tell her now. Either I will tell her in an e-mail, or a letter, over the phone, or on this blog, but one way or another, some day I will tell her. I just cannot tell her as long as she is living in this complex, because I don't want her to cause a ruckus over it. By that time, I'll probably be living on the coast. But I know Anna reads this blog, so she'll get the message.

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