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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Confession

I was downstairs a little while ago and I ran into Deb, she apparently had a talk with Roger. She told me that Roger swears he didn't write that note. Frankly, I don't buy it! He also swore to Anna that he wasn't the one who has been leaving the shopping carts in front of her door, but then in the next breath he turned around and basically admitted that he was. And he even openly admitted he is the culprit to at least 5 other people. If Roger did not do it (and I am not saying he didn't), it could only have been one other person who would say something like that to Anna, and that is Andy. But the thing is, I have no idea if Andy even has a computer or a printer. And why would he come all the way up to this floor just to post a sickening letter like that on Anna's door?? Especially since he promised Karen he was going to try and be nicer to us. Unless he just simply snapped, which is what usually happens with him, now that he's on this new medication.

Well, if I am wrong, and Roger didn't do it, I'm going to feel awful. But if it's true that Andy did do it, I'll be somewhat relieved. Because I think Anna should be used to Andy's teasing by now. I know I am. But I do remember he was at the dog park yesterday when I went in, and he simply left without another word, rather quickly. I mean, quicker than it usually takes him to leave. He just rushed out of there. Maybe it was a signal that he did something really wrong. I thought nothing of it at the time because he has always left when I walk into the park. But never as quickly as he did yesterday. But I'll still feel like shit because I accused Roger! What else could I think? He and Anna have been at this shopping cart war for quite a while now, and he's pissed off because of that sign on Anna's door, it seemed only logical he did do it. I still believe he did it. Until someone else steps up and actually admits they did it, I'll always believe Roger was the one who did it.

Roger has a few dim-wits on his side. Betty for one person. She also could have done it. Anna and I were just talking yesterday about how she has never bothered her. I don't know. I don't exactly like Betty. She's stuck-up and she's LOUD!!! Her voice is just naturally loud! Sometimes I want to stick a load of cotton in her throat just to get her to quiet down! But I don't like her. I also know she is always on Roger's side.

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