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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Most Hated Family

Well, you all know I have been talking about the Westboro Baptist Church for a while now. I swear if there is one thing I hate, it's fanatical christians like them! They'll even take their own beliefs about GOD over their own children, that's how far they go. I guess this strikes me hard because when I was a kid, I always thought my ma put religion over me too. I constantly watch videos of these people on YouTube, trying to gain some understanding. What they say about the Bible is true, but it's not the whole truth. What they do is they take all the negativity and hate mentioned in the Bible and exaggerate it beyond recognition. I even watched a session that had Shirley Phelps talking in a classroom to a bunch of college students, the whole thing was filmed. Someone asked her about this child she had out of wedlock, to which her answer to him was "That's none of your business!" I agree with her there, that should be left in the past. My biggest concern with that comment coming out of Shirley's mouth is, since it's obvious she was able to repent and ask GOD's forgiveness for that, and put that behind her, why is it OK for her and that dumb, so-called "church" she goes to, to poke their noses in another person's business and shout out loud "GOD hates you!" and "You're going to Hell!"?? If I were a passer-by on the street, I would say exactly the same thing to them.

They claim they have rights to free speech, but I don't think that should include things like telling the families of fallen soldiers that their family member is in Hell now. That's like biting the hand that feeds you. But then again, that's what has made them famous. Sometimes I think for the Phelps family, they are not doing this to "warn" anyone of anything, they are not doing this to become "messengers of GOD". I think they're doing it for only one reason: For fame and acknowledgement. But there is a difference between becoming famous and becoming infamous. I'm myself kindof on the line between the two so I know what it's like to be there. But I am not running a "church" of any kind. I'm safely in my home. I have websites, but none of them have my phone number up. I've seen several videos on YouTube where people have prank-called the Westboro Baptist Church. Now, when you call them, all you get is an answering service. I even saw a video where someone called the Phelps' lawfirm, requesting to speak to one of the Phelps. He told them he was having problems with some demons. Well, they kept hanging up on him, so he even got his friend to contact them and the manager of the lawfirm told him never to contact them again or they were going to turn them in to the police. LOL!

You know what that all means? It seems to me that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church have become scared of their own actions. Now that they have all the fame they could ever ask for, even though for the most part, it's not good fame, they have become scared of their actions because people now are starting to fight back, and fight back hard! Like a gang of wolverines. Personally, if I were so scared as to hang up on people who called my workplace, or have only an answering service handle all my phone calls (with 9 options no less), I just would not keep doing what I've been doing. A person would have to be pretty sick in the head to do something that has gotten them that much negative attention, and keep on doing it. Especially where religion is concerned, and pushing their beliefs the way these people do. You will never see me picketing anywhere because I just don't believe in pushing my beliefs on others. My ma used to picket a lot! But only businesses that did her wrong. Not the innocent funerals of fallen soldiers. I mean, the WBC travels all around the country just to picket these funerals! I'd never go that far, I would be embarrassed if I were them! They've been banned from going to places like Canada and the UK. Seriously! They travel all the way from Kansas to the UK just to picket a soldier's funeral and push their beliefs on others???!!! That just goes to prove how nutty these people are!

In one clip I saw, Shirley gave reference to Noah and the ark. Well, GOD did not banish anyone from boarding the ark! HE just gave them a choice and most of the people back then chose to ignore them. Some even laughed. The WBC has banished a lot of people from their church. Including their own children! And they condemn to Hell anyone who disagrees with them. Well, I don't totally disagree with them, I know all about GOD's wrath. I just don't believe HE hates anybody like these people love to point out, as if that's the only thing GOD feels for HIS people. That kind of belief system is what makes the members of the WBC look stupid! Not to mention Shirley's psychotic grin. Her children even have that same grin. I see that grin, and it makes me want to slap the daylights out of them!

Well, I am actually glad to see they are becoming scared of their own actions. That's good! Perhaps it'll make them stop to think about the pain they are causing others. I heard Fred Phelps even makes videos. I saw an interview someone did with him, and the man just never shuts up! He reminds me a lot of my wacky neighbor. I call her "motor-mouth" for a reason. Because she just never shuts up. She keeps yakking even when no one is listening. So does Fred Phelps. He can say I'm going to Hell all he wants to, it doesn't mean it's true. Ultimately the only one who can make that decision is GOD. GOD has been really good to me so far. I mean, I ain't dead yet! I haven't met up with any psychos, but then again, I haven't met any of these fanatical vegans face to face yet. LOL! They're just like the members of the WBC! They're psychotic, they're brainwashed, they push their beliefs on others, they condemn you if you don't agree with them. Pretty much everything the Phelps do, only their religion is veganism, and they worship prey animals instead of GOD. I think I found out why most vegans are cat-people. Katrina and I were talking the other day, and she said, kindof jokingly, that that is how these fanatical vegans get their blood-lust. Cats torture their prey before killing it, people naturally love to see drama. Vegans like to speak out against drama against animals. Unless another animal is doing the torturing (seems fanatical vegans have forgotten that people are animals too). So vegan fanatics like to hide their lust for seeing something killed by getting a cat and letting it kill and torture small animals for their delight. You can never get me to believe that fanatical vegans are in any way "compassionate"! No way! No matter how many times they say it, it doesn't mean it's true! Like I said, I have more compassion than they do in one eyelash!
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