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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Neighbor The Jinx

I was joking around with my sis tonight and I said my neighbor, Marie, must be a jinx. For the past 3 days, she's been in the dog park. The first day she was in there before either Anna or I arrived, so I guess that did not count. She left shortly after. But for the past couple of days she's been coming in after we arrived, and both days, Anna and I actually developed belly cramps within 20 minutes of arriving there. I think my neighbor lady might have a hex on us. LOL! I don't like her very much, and I believe she knows it. I don't hate her, but I am not fond of her either. Much the same way I feel about Sharon. When Marie is in the park, she pretty much ignores me and Anna. She's had a lot of practice at ignoring me. LOL! To me, that's a good thing. I could sit at the park and say out loud in front of her that her face looks like the ass-end of a donkey and she would probably never hear me. At least she is not griping about me anymore if she's ignoring me, and she's not pounding on my walls anymore either. She told Karen that I've been "farting around the house at night". LOL! So I don't care if she's learned to ignore me. But I need to learn to ignore her as well. But when she is at the dog park, she just never shuts up! She hoards the conversation! And I am not interested in hearing what she has to say. I go to the dog park to meet up with Karen and Kim, and possibly Deb. Not my wacky neighbor!!

I think I know why she's been going in there more often now than she ever has before. She doesn't have anyone else to talk to. Sharon stiffed her. Apparently Sharon asked Marie to look after Cora while she was away, and then one day Sharon calls Marie and tells her that she forgot to pay her rent, so Marie agreed to pay Sharon's rent for her, and said that she can pay her back when she comes home, and Sharon said OK. Well, when Sharon got home, not only did she not pay Marie back for paying her rent, but Sharon even accused Marie of stealing from her! Well, long story short, they had a big falling out, and now Sharon and Marie are not speaking anymore, and that was the last friend Marie had here, besides Karen and Kim, who are friends with everyone here. So Marie now goes into the dog park. That sucks! I haven't been able to talk to Karen or Kim since before that first day. I won't talk to Marie. Even though I know she tunes me and Anna out when we speak. LOL!

I don't like Marie because she's a drunkard. I have this block against making friends with drunkards. They're usually mean and they stink! So I want nothing to do with them. I think Marie senses that I don't like her, and so that's why she tunes me out. hehe! I really couldn't care less either. I just don't like her coming into the dog park. She doesn't even have a dog. She only goes in because no one else will have anything to do with her. Although I must say the "farting around the house" comment is a little bit creative. LOL! I've never heard that one before. I've heard the phrase "tooting around the house", but this is the first time I've ever known anyone to convert the phrase to "farting around the house"! LOL! We're not supposed to know who's been griping about us to the office, but Karen always reveals it anyway. I think Lois tells her or something. Or Marie probably has confided directly to Karen herself. But Karen always spills the beans. LOL! But I don't care. I have no plans to start a war with my neighbor. My mutual agreement with her is, she leaves me alone, I'll leave her alone. No war is necessary.

My father thinks I am a very negative person. But no, really I am quite positive. I just don't like it here. I want to go back to the coast. I really don't have many complaints against the people. At least I didn't until I found out what cocksuckers many Montanans are about this state. Like I said, they act like you're bashing their family or children. But for me, it's more like I just don't like this climate. I'm not used to it. I'm used to the marine air of back home. Pa has mixed feelings about me moving back. That's what he told Anna. Well, I told Anna he can have as many feelings as he wants about this, but my mind is made up. Moving here was a big mistake on my part. The only real reason I am here is because I could not stay in Ocean Shores without a car. I lived there without one once, and it was HELL! Now that they have upped the price of the shuttle, and eliminated bus transfers, it's going to be much worse! I might as well have just given my entire monthly allowance to the company that ran the buses and shuttles. I can't afford that every time I need to go somewhere. And have any of you tried to take groceries on a 25-mile bus ride? Especially if it's like 70 degrees outside. I worried a lot! It always took the bus 2 hours to run from Aberdeen to Ocean Shores, and another hour to wait for the shuttle, and then LORD knows only how long it would take to get from the shuttle station to our home. It was only 4 miles from the station, but on a busy day, it sometimes took as long as an hour because it had to run a certain route. So that would be about 4 hours wasted out of my day, and that's just one way! Plus the toll it had on my perishable groceries. I say the HELL with it!!! So that's why I could not live in Ocean Shores without a car. And that car belongs to Anna. She'll need it when she goes to school.

Well, I need a car if I am going to get back to the coast. Otherwise I am just stuck here. But one word to my father, if he is reading: PLEASE DON'T BUY ME A CAR!!!!!!!!! I'LL DO IT MYSELF!!!! I know the man means well, but his taste in cars SUCKS!!!! He bought this last car for Anna, and when he bought it, it was a piece of crap! It ran, but that was about all it did. Anna and I were the ones who had to put the money in to get that car to do more. Plus it's a damn Ford! Dad knows how I feel about Fords!! I hate them! I'll take anything but a Ford!! Dad always insists on putting us in Fords, and I hate it when he even suggests it! That's an insult! It's like he wants us to have nothing but cars that break down and give us nothing but heartaches and stress!

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