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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cut The Fat!

I was reading an article on Yahoo today and it's about the rise in obesity among American adults. I left a couple of comments. One was saying that I wanted to join a gym once before, but that I couldn't because it costs too much. The last time I tried to join a gym, it would have costed me about $400. That was in 1997. Who knows how much it would be up to now! Back then I wasn't even fat, I just wanted to join to remain in good condition. But it gives a clear indication as to why many Americans are so fat now, and that number is rising! Mostly among poor folks. Something needs to be done. It costs so much to join a gym, and junk food is the cheapest you can buy now. It's sad! Though I think I can live pretty good on bananas alone. I saw a video of one girl who eats 40 bananas a day, and she said she's doing fine. I love bananas! I could probably try that easily, and bananas around here are the cheapest health food you can find.

I won't get too heavily into the comments because as weird as this may sound, I actually agreed with most of them. Well, not ALL of them, but most of them! I don't agree with the people who are just there to blow steam off on their hatred for fat people. But there were some comments that really interested me. One guy from Oregon said he was frustrated because he's single and he's running out of choices. Actually I kinda laughed at his comment. I was thinking either he should move someplace else, or learn to like fat women. Either that or count on remaining single for the rest of his life. That was the comical side. But some more seriously interesting comments I read, one person said she heard of a woman who is suing Nutella for making her kids fat. Ya know I really hate hearing stories like that! And it seems to happen so often!! First some teenagers sued McDonald's for making them fat, and now I hear Nutella is being sued for making some dumbass mom's kids fat! Why sue the company, unless they forced that woman to buy their product for her children. Otherwise, a person has the option to say NO!! If that mom wants to sue someone, she could sue her children for possibly whining and wheedling her to distraction to buy that junk! Well, it makes much better sense than suing Nutella! Those kind of people give us decent fat people a bad name!

I also find it funny how most people believe only fat women are the problem. They seem to forget that there are plenty of fat men too. But I find it funny how most of the people making fun of fat people are almost always men. Women rarely make fun of fat women, it's mostly a biproduct of egotistical men. The only women I've seen making fun of other fat women are teenagers, not really women. Well, not all thin, teenage girls make fun of fat women. I never did. I have much more self-respect than that! I wasn't even a fat teenager. I just had more respect for adults than what teenagers today have. And when I was younger, I prefered to make friends, not enemies. I was different then.

Another person said not to use being poor as an excuse for being fat. Well, that's where most of this breeds, is among poor families. Sad as it is, it's true. Like I mentioned how I tried to join a gym, and was told the membership would cost $400. That's what isn't right! I remember one time a local gym had a free trial membership for a month, and I joined then, just long enough for the free membership. I remember I went there EVERY day! Twice a day in fact. I enjoyed it. Back in those days, I didn't have days where I just didn't want to see anyone. Nowadays I do have those kind of days. I don't like having those kind of days, but they do come on. Back when I lived on the coast, I used to take daily walks on the beach. I liked it because it was nice and secluded, no threat whatsoever of being assaulted or harassed by people. One of the many reasons I hate people and there are days that I just don't want to see a person. There is a story on the internet that talks about a large woman who went walking every day, and some kids drove by in their vehicle and threw garbage at that woman. That kinda defeats the purpose of someone who is overweight and trying to do something about it by going walking. But it's enough to keep me from walking in a town this size. Though it hasn't happened to me yet, there's always that lingering fear. That's why I really want to go back to Ocean Shores. People there were not at all like that.

But anyway, those stats are scary! I'm not the type to sue a company because I bought their food, ate it and got fat! As I know that was nobody's choice but mine. One commenter on here mentioned that I should try a vegan diet for about 3 months to see if I like it. While I really don't want to try going vegan, I might like to try becoming a fruitarian. Drink lots of juices and live on bananas and apples for 3 months. See if it does me any good at all. Though it's going to be hard giving up meat. I can't even lie and say I'd be doing it to save some cow's butts. But what I read today, and saw, really struck a nerve with me. That and the fact that I actually agreed with most of the comments!
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