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Monday, May 7, 2012

Montana Drivers

GEEZZZZ!! I hate Montana drivers!!!! There is nothing in the World that is worse than a stupid Montana driver who thinks they own the road, and shows absolutely no common courtesy! I was just driving down the road and all of a sudden, this jackass in this big dark SUV cuts me off. I honk my horn at him and call him every name I can think of. He pulls into the lane next to me. I keep my eye on him, not knowing what the Hell he's going to do next. We drive for another 2 or 3 blocks and wouldn't you know it, that guy turns on his signal and wants to pull back in front of me again. I honked my horn at him again, telling him "Don't you dare pull up in front of me again buddy!" He did try, but I swerved around him, stopping him from pulling in. As we drove by, Anna and I got a good look at the driver's face. He was mean and evil-looking! I don't care though! He can be as evil as he desires in his own home, but shouldn't take his anger and frustration out on me! I don't know him from Adam! I have nothing to do with how evil he is!

That's one of the things I've noticed about the white Montana cocksuckers around here, they completely lack common courtesy when they're driving! Makes me mad as Hell!! And I'm not the only one here that thinks that! Other Bozeman residents have also complained about the drivers here. Either they are blasting their music up too loud, or they cut people off on the road, or they're driving 500 MPH on a 35 MPH road! I see gripes like that all the time in the Bozeman Craigslist Rants and Raves forum! Almost on a daily basis, if someone isn't bitching about something frivolous like how ugly the people are at a bar. The managers expect you to get drunk enough at those places that the girls begin to look good to you. I drove through Los Angeles and San Francisco once before and I never remember the drivers in those two big cities to ever be as bad as they are here in Bozeman!! I can't wait to get back to the coast. At least there the drivers were much more courteous than they are here! I hate how these white Montana cocksuckers think they own everything and can control who does what here, or who goes in or out of this state. Upon coming here, I never was asked for a passport! So my advice to these dipshits, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LEARN SOME FUCKING MANNERS YOU TWATS!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, in other news, I was watching more damn videos of the Westboro Baptist Church. Like I said before, these people are so dumb they fascinate me! LOL! I continue to watch videos of them, and the more I do, the more I hate the Phelps and their followers. Well, one user who calls himself sammy2trees and I have been going back and forth all morning (when I've been in). He said something, a general term about Christians that I found particularly offensive. He said that all Christians are the same as the members of the WBC. This was the post he made that got me started:

"It cracks me up how many of you so-called "true Christians" come on here and call these people crazy, evil, and desperately try to distinguish yourselves from this group. Truth is you're all the same and hold the same, archaic, absurd beliefs regardless of denomination. The only difference between you and them is the aggressiveness and intensity by which the message is delivered. These people do add vitriol and exaggeration in their delivery, but in the end its still the same baseless crap!"

I believe this person is an atheist. I'm not trying to get him to believe there is a GOD, but I found his saying ALL christians are the same as the WBC very offensive! I told him he will never see me pushing my beliefs on anyone! The WBC dwells on hatred, whereas I dwell on love and understanding. To compare me to those stupid hatemongers I take that very personally! To put the word Christian and the Westboro Baptist Church in the same sentence is an insult!! If you've read back in this blog, I've said several times there are things in the Bible that I question. GOD forgive me for that, but I have some troubles with what is printed in the Bible, which was written by man, not by GOD! It was originally considered a sin to eat apples. Well if it was a sin, why are apples so good for us?
Here's another tidbit of info, it has been confirmed the WBC does not know ANYTHING about the Bible. I knew it all along, they pick and choose the few scriptures to follow, and embellish on those. And it's OK for them to commit a sin, but anyone else who does it is going to Hell. LOL! Yep, those people make me sick every day of my life! And Shirley is gay herself! She can't hide that! Don't compare all Christians to the hypocrites of the WBC!! We are NOT all alike! Spend a day with me one on one, you'll find I am just like everyone else in that I like to have fun, sin or not, I don't judge anyone as harshly as they do, and in all reality, I very rarely bring up the Bible to anyone unless I am asked about it. Then I only say things relevant to the conversation, and try to keep it at a minimum. The WBC goes on and on and on, blaming everything on gay people and all that shit, I was watching a clip where they were talking about the space shuttle Challenger went down because of gay people! I sat here thinking "What the Hell has the Challenger accident got to do with gay people????!!!!" Believe me, I am not in the WBC's league!! They've got no brains! I have! Well, at least I know enough to know gays had nothing to do with the Challenger incident!

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