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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Timmyfan Documentary Coming Soon!

I won't be putting it up on YouTube, but I will put it on Vimeo. I want to make a documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church. I might even throw in a prank call to them of my own. LOL! Actually, it'll be a little more like a talk show. I'll be discussing what I think of them mostly. I want to outline things about their founder, their preachings, their hypocrisy, and all that good stuff. I collected some clips I found of them all over YouTube that I intend to use to highlight these things. I hate to give them any airtime, but I have to say what I think about them and their delirious preachings! I am a Christian, and I hate being compared to these people! I'm the kind of Christian that believes GOD has mercy on people. That's why HE created us. They say gay people are cursed by GOD, that HE created them just to be cursed. I say that's a bunch of bullshit! They tell gay people to just stop what they're doing and repent! That is very hypocritical, if GOD made them that way, how can they just "stop it"?? Nothing they say makes any sense!

You mention any of this to any of them, they tell you "Oh you just don't have faith" or "You hate GOD and you hate HIS message!" No, I don't hate HIS message! I just hate the Phelps! I hate all members of the WBC because all non-Christians judge all of us by these people, telling us we are just like them. Well, I am NOT like them!! I don't hate gays. I don't hate America. I don't thank GOD for dead soldiers! I don't thank GOD for 9-11. The only people I hate are haters themselves. Bigots. I may be a redneck, but I am a civilized redneck. I'm not even like other rednecks. I'm not even like my ma! I'm not one to tell anyone they're going to Hell simply because of their beliefs. I don't feel that is my place. Yes I thank GOD for all HIS righteous decisions, when they apply to ME! But not when it involves the death of someone else's family member or friend. Again, I don't think that's my place. We're supposed to comfort one another in times of sorrow. We're not supposed to show up at someone else's funeral, whom we do not know in the first place, and tell the family their child, or their parent, or whatever relation the mourner has with the deceased, that that person is in Hell and GOD hates them. Who the Hell does that? Except some crazy, twisted, evil individual! That is NOT me!!! And they make a mockery of the dead, and the people who mourn them. That's wrong! And it's dumb!

The only people the WBC resembles are the haters. That's why I labeled them rednecks from the first day! Rednecks are known for being somewhat bigoted. Plus, I think they're inbreeding. I don't think anyone in that church, even those supposedly connected by marriage, is not in some ways related by blood. Shirley's husband (whose last name is Roper) may just be her cousin. I would not doubt it. But I guess that means GOD does not speak out against inbreeding. These people seem to think if it is not mentioned in the Bible then it does not exist, which is terrible. There are many things mentioned in the Bible that I don't believe in, like giants and fairies, and there are some things that are not mentioned in the Bible that do exist, like DNA and dinosaurs (which once did exist). But there are unicorns. A unicorn is a rhinoceros. The Asian rhino to be exact. It's not a thin, white, horselike animal with one horn sticking out the top of it's head. That kind of unicorn does not exist anywhere at any time.

Well anyway, I'd love to work on this project. I haven't started yet, but I will. I'm still trying to think of a layout. I want to put some clips of myself on there, and I want to do some documentation. Not with words on the screen, but actual talking. Gosh I wish I had a voice like those radio people!! My voice SUCKS!!! I think I sound like a guy! I should sound like a girl. It's these damn pills I'm on! Well, when this is done, I will be putting it on Vimeo and thus embedding it here in a future post.

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