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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Night At The Hospital

ARG!! The last 24 hours has been nothing but Hell!!! Sunday night, I developed some kind of nagging pain in my leg. I had no clue what it was from, but it felt like a charley horse. I thought maybe I overdid it with the phone book deliveries on Friday and it was catching up with me then. Well, even though my leg was in pain, I still continued to work. Most of the time I was dragging myself around town to deliver those darn phone books. One really mean, ugly-looking guy took the phone book I delivered to him and just tossed it in his recycling bin, as Anna and I were standing there, deciphering where our next deliveries will be. He then looked at me as if waiting for me to give him some kind of response. But I didn't respond. I just said out loud "If he doesn't want it, I don't care!" and I laughed at him. Whether the person wants the book or not is none of my business. My business is just to deliver the books. Once the book is out of my hands and on the person's porch, it's no longer my responsibility. And I was just doing my job. But as mean as he looked, I think if Anna hadn't been there, he might have attacked me. It made me think that perhaps I should carry my can of mace with me on these deliveries.

Well, I won't be making any deliveries for a while. Wednesday afternoon, the pain in my leg was unbearable, and it had turned red. I began to suspect tendonitis. So Anna said she was taking me to the hospital right away to get that checked. So we went. I was not sick and feverish, and all I was expecting them to do was possibly do some tests and give me medications and release me home that afternoon. Well, it was slightly more serious than I thought it would be. I let it drag on for 4 days, and it had gotten quite infected by then. Well! That's me! I let everything go on until I am almost on my death bed. One of these days, that just might be the death of me. Well, after running these tests, they decided they wanted to keep me there overnight for observation. I was not ready to stay there overnight! I didn't have my tablet, or anything to work on, nor any of my Timmy pics, or music, or DVDs, I hadn't even fed my fish that night! I didn't even take my ear care solution! I didn't have a shower, or a change of underwear and I was all hot and musty. It was the most disgusting night I ever spent anywhere in my life! I was totally unprepared! My dishes were not cleaned, the house was not cleaned. It was almost like just being whisked away from my life into limbo. Or into a state of suspended animation. They gave me rigorous doses of antibiotics, and the redness in my leg went down.

The worst thing of this whole ordeal was I am so darn tired! I slept last night, until they woke me up again at 5:30 this morning for another IV of antibiotics. Since then, my sleep has been off and on and no more than about an hour a piece. I tried several times to take a nap, but every time I was just getting to sleep, someone would come in and want to do something. There came a point where I almost just shouted "LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I just want to sleep!!" I was so exhausted by the time I was finally released, I'm still tired now at this hour. And I come home to find out someone has been in my apartment without my permission! And it's not Anna! I got a notice because the apartment was not clean. Well! What the Hell do they expect? I wasn't even able to clean myself before I left for the hospital! Let alone this apartment.

My activities are not limited, and I am able to walk, but it is still very painful. I told Anna that I need to just stay off this leg for a couple days, which means she is going to have to be the one to put Vegas and Minnie out. And she doesn't have to, but if she wants to keep doing this job, she'll have to do it alone until I feel I can go on those long walks again. Should be no more than a couple days. More than anything, I am pissed that someone was in my apartment without my permission! I don't like strangers in my house!! I feel a bit violated.

Well now they are saying I have to clean up. I'm like DUH! I couldn't clean up before I left yesterday. I fully expected to be in and out in just a few hours. I had no idea they were going to keep me there overnight! Now, I cannot clean up until I get somewhat better. Whoever it was had no business being in here in the first place! This is my place, I pay rent. Ya know I wonder if other apartments are like this? I never remember the landlord we had in Ocean Shores breaking into our apartment without our permission. The one time she had to go in while we were away, she made double sure she had our verbal permission. But in this case, no one ever even asked me if they could come in. They just came in, apparently.
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