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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sinfully Endulgent!

Well, my birthday is over, and I had a good one. We have still yet to celebrate, that comes next month when Anna will be able to take me out and have some real fun. I don't mind not having the real fun on my birthday, I understand about those end-of-the-month money problems. I ordered a cake from a local baker here in town, she calls her business Sinfully Sweet. She makes some AWESOME cakes!!!!! She had a promotional thing going where if you spend $40, you get a dozen free cupcakes. So I wanted to do that. I ordered a banana cake and I wanted INXS on it, with lemurs playing guitars. Well I got the INXS logo, but the lemurs were missing. I asked her where they were and she said there was no room for them in the box. She never called nor nothing to tell me or Anna that she could not do the lemurs. I was a little bit pissed off. I still kindof am! Mostly because I thought that's what we were essentially paying $40 for!! I could have gone somewhere else and got the same thing probably for less than that amount. Anyone could have done the INXS logo. I could have done that if that was all I wanted! But I was so looking forward to seeing those cute little lemurs on top of that cake! That makes me mad. Remember I said I ordered those different varieties of cupcakes on my last post. Again, I was looking forward to trying them. Well, all she brought was a dozen lemon cupcakes. I was so disappointed. Not that the cake and the cupcakes are not good! They're Heavenly! It's just when I order something, I expect to get exactly what I want. And if she could not do it, I wish she had called me and told me "I'm sorry, I could not make the lemurs to put on your cake". I would have felt so much better! Or at least I would have known what to expect ahead of time. And the excuse she gave me! The box isn't big enough. I asked her what her limits were when she first visited us.

Well aside from the big disappointments, the cake and cupcakes are awesome! I even shared some with our buddies, and they think it's good too. The only thing wrong with the banana cake is it's too heavy. Anna and I found ourselves having some trouble finishing a slice yesterday. The woman who made the cakes is a very nice person. The only thing that really disappointed me was that she did not do my lemur sculptures that I was so looking forward to seeing! I told all my friends about it too. Here and on Facebook. Anna's cake came out awesome when I ordered it from a special bakery. I don't know why mine didn't come out that good. I ordered Anna a volcano cake, and it was great! It came out wonderful! But I was oh so disappointed when I didn't get the lemur sculptures. And I thought that's what we were mostly paying for. So I just chalk it down to this: Anna paid $20 for the cake and $20 for the cupcakes. It's the only way to look at the positive and not think I somehow got jilted.

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