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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back-Stabbing Bee-otch

I am so pissed off. There is someone in this building who I always considered a friend and always liked and was always very nice to. However today, I heard from an anonymous source that this so-called "friend" has been slamming me and my sister behind our backs every day. Usually I am a great judge of character, and this woman was always so nice, sweet and quiet. But this source told me what she has been saying about us behind our backs. Now, I don't mind being called names. I just wish the person who did it would just say it to our faces. I said to myself that I just may never speak to this "friend" again! My sis did not exactly appreciate being called names by someone we always considered a friend. The quickest way for anyone to get on my bad side is to shit on someone I care about, and I care about my sister deeply! I would not ever have moved here if I didn't. But the fact that this person just slammed on us behind our backs, never mentioned anything to our faces, and is proud of the shit she's doing, just adds to my earliest suspicions that Montanans are douchebags. Well, except Karen. I moved here with an open mind, hoping to make friends with the people. And I've always been polite. Or I always try to be. We all have our bad days afterall. But time and time again, the native Montanans have just proven that the majority of them are just as bad, if not worse than, most of the immigrants.

Ya know, now I think I understand why neither of my dogs will go near her. It started off with Minnie, but she just would not go near her because of Brandi. But now Vegas has stopped going to her too. And if I have my say, she will never lay a hand on my dogs again! I gave that woman my trust and friendship, and she just takes it and stomps on it. And if she wants to make fun of someone, I might suggest she look at herself in the mirror. Because she's no ravishing beauty herself! It always is so amusing when someone who is uglier than I am calls me and my sis names! There, I said it! Yes, she's ugly! I just never told her that because until now it didn't matter to me. But she looks like a red-haired old harpy. It takes a long time for me to learn to trust someone, and I gave this woman my trust. Takes a long time to build it up, but once someone does to me and my family what this woman did, it takes almost no time to lose my trust. Once it's gone, I may never trust that person again. Trust is something I do not just give away.

And I found out that I am not the only person she has betrayed! She betrayed Karen several times too. So that's it! I am never speaking to her again as of this moment. She can go eat shit and die for all I care now. Heck, if I see her in the dog park again, she'll be lucky if I don't punch her in the face! And she is no longer my friend! I'd rather talk to Sharon now than to this woman. But Sharon and Karen do not get along. I kinda wish they did. Then I can meet up with the two of them in the park instead of this woman. Sharon has been nicer lately. Me and Anna were with her in the dog park one day and we talked for hours about her family going deep-sea fishing. That's something me and my sis have always wanted to try! Sharon said that she would teach us how to fish, and I thought "Cool!" Karen said not to believe her because a promise means nothing to her. I said I know it. But still it was just fun to think about.
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