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Friday, June 22, 2012

Chat With Anna

Last night at the dog park, Anna and I were talking about how the day has been too long! A long and sad day. Anna was so down, she almost seemed to be in tears. And she was ready to kill Andy for converting Kim into this evil whore that she is now. But you know what? This morning I told Karen what Anna told me last night, and Karen said that in all trueness, Kim is just being Kim. So apparently this is who she's always been. Well, Karen also told me that Kim put on her status "My best friend just died today". LOL! She means Karen! Deb saw that on Kim's status and told Karen she should get her a sympathy card to give to Kim. I said "Yes, and you should sign it with 'I'm so sorry to hear your best friend "died" because you are such an asshole'!" Kim needs to be taught a lesson! She has to learn she cannot get away with treating people like dirt that has done her no wrong. Karen said Kim does this kind of shit because she wants more and more people on her side. She wants to feel important. Well, Kim lost me being on her side completely. Karen said that when she first moved here, she was warned about Kim being a back-stabber. I was never warned. Otherwise, this would have been no surprise to me. But Kim used to say all kinds of shit about Karen too, and Kim's former best friend, named Becky, would tell Karen about it. Karen decided to just let it go. I said to her that if it was just me she was picking on, I could have just let it go too. But Kim also attacked my sis, and my sis was clearly disturbed by it. So I cannot just let it go.

Apparently Kim was at the dog park early this morning with Yvette. Yvette also has some kind of problem with Karen. Well, she wanted to take Karen, Kim and Marie on a trip to West Yellowstone. But Yvette told Karen she would not be able to bring her dogs. She didn't want Karen's dogs in the car apparently. So Karen told Kim that she's just not going on the trip, said she's not going to tell Yvette that she's not going, she said she's just not going to go. Well, then Kim marches her fat can up to Yvette's apartment and tells Yvette that Karen said she's not going because she can't bring her dogs. So now Yvette is not speaking to Karen. Karen specifically told Kim she wasn't going to tell Yvette, and Kim turns around and betrays her too. I told Karen that the 3 of us, with our dogs, should go on a trip to West Yellowstone. We'll show them! Personally, I think that's a silly fight! First of all, I think Karen should have told Yvette the truth to begin with. I know I would have. There's nothing wrong with refusing to go because you can't bring your dogs! I've done that many times. Second of all, I think Yvette should have been more understanding. If she really cared about Karen, she would have been like "OK, I'm sorry to hear that. You're going to miss a nice trip." But I think Yvette is a silly louse for getting angry at Karen just because she doesn't want to go on the trip now! Dumbest reason I ever heard for holding such a grudge against someone else! Especially since Yvette just sprung it up at the last minute that she didn't want Karen to bring her dogs!

Some of the people in this building can be so silly sometimes! Karen is a great friend, I mean, she used to slam us behind our backs, but at least she admitted it to me, and apologized. I know I have trouble making friends, I don't deny that at all! The few friends I do have are very well-seasoned, and have known me in my ups and downs, and did not care. But neither me nor my sis saw this coming between us and Kim. I always thought we got along great! But Kim does this to everyone. Not just us. If she's going to do it though, she should be able to admit she did it. She's done it to me, Karen, and even used to do it to Becky. Becky is dead now though. But she was the woman who gave Emma to Kim. Kim basically "inherited" Emma after Becky died. Kim would say shit about Becky behind her back, and Karen would tell her and Becky would get so pissed off at Kim they would not speak to each other for months! Well, I intend to carry this on for more than just months. I can carry a grudge forever if I wanted to! There is no redemption, Kim crossed the line when she dissed my sister!!

Well, now that I've heard Kim told every one of her friends on Facebook that Karen died yesterday, I know what a fucking liar she truly is. Karen is still alive, well and kicking! LOL! Kim wishes she were dead though. And she's going to wish the same thing on me too. I'll almost bet that she deleted the post I made on her timeline, telling her and all her friends that she is a liar and a wussy, and that they should know that she is probably saying a bunch of bullshit about them behind their backs too. No doubt! Because apparently Kim does it to everyone. Not just a few select people.
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