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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Continuation From Yesterday

Well, I think it's safe to reveal the truth on here since now Karen and Kim are not speaking to each other. I went to the dog park early this morning, I wanted to catch Karen before Kim came in so I could tell her what I did yesterday. I did not reveal any names to anyone but I put on my Facebook page that someone here (I didn't mention in this building) has been talking about me and my sis behind our backs. The culprit is a person named Kim Hedges. Karen told me yesterday that Kim sees us coming into the dog park and she always grumbles "Oh here come the cows". She says that about me and my sis. Well, Karen told Lois everything, and filed a report against Kim. I didn't want to say much to Kim because I did not want her to attack Karen or figure it out that Karen said anything to us. Kim will groan about me and Anna coming to the park, and then she'll turn around once we're in there and say happily "Hi! How are you?!" I always liked Kim, I thought we didn't have any issues. But Karen told me it's not just me and my sis, Kim is trying to be like Andy DiSanti. I don't like the Kim trying to be someone she's not! I like the old Kim. But apparently Kim likes this new jackass Kim better.

Well, my sis and I confronted Kim today, she asked Kim if she really liked us and we asked her to be perfectly honest. Kim said yes she does. I told Kim that I sensed a little hesitation in her voice. And yes, she did hesitate. Kim got all defensive right off the bat. She yelled at me in a manner that I never heard her yell before, she said "I saw what you wrote on your Facebook page, and it's NOT ME!!!" I turned to Anna and I said "she's a liar!" Well, Kim said "There's lots of people here saying stuff." I asked her if she has any names of those people, and she tensed up and said "no!" I said "So you are not going to reveal those names?" She again tensed up and said "No!" I began to sing "Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!" Well, Kim hung around for a while longer, but for the most part, she just sat in the seat with a disgruntled look on her face. Just the fact that she tensed up and got so defensive and angry gave the fact away that yes, she was saying that shit about me and my sis! Anna and I just had to find out if she meant it to be hurtful, or if it's just like the kidding that always goes on between buddies. But I think she did mean it to be hurtful. Otherwise she would not have got so angry or denied it. If it was just a buddy-type jab, she would have said "I'm sorry but I was just funnin'." Or "I didn't mean any harm by it." Mind you, I never mentioned Karen's name or that she said anything at all. I promised Karen I wouldn't. But Karen is now sure Kim is going to say shit about her too.

I think we really made Kim sweat! LOL! I really hated to be so nasty to her, as we've been friends for a year now. But I do not like this "new Kim", her trying to act like someone she's not. But Andy at least has an excuse. He's bipolar. Kim isn't. She's just being an asshole because she thinks it's funny and she thinks it makes her look cool. But it doesn't. It just makes her look like a total-ass jerk. Me, Anna and Karen were talking about what makes someone do shit like that, and I said out loud, looking straight at Kim "Some people just don't have minds of their own to form their own opinion. So they have to be robots and copy what someone else is doing." I think Kim knew I was talking about her. I just smiled, because I knew she was sitting there, sweating. Kim hung around for quite a while, but she was more quiet than I had ever seen her be! LOL! After her dog was done, Kim picked up the dog's mess and just stormed out of the dog park with her dog. She didn't say goodbye, she didn't say "I'm leaving" nor nothing, she just stormed out. Well, as much as a person can storm out in a wheelchair. I was quite surprised she hung around as long as she did! I fully expected her to leave MUCH sooner! LOL! As she was leaving, Karen said to her "The truth hurts, doesn't it?" Kim never answered.

Kim should know better by now not to fuck with me, my friends and my family. She's seen me in action many times before. My sis does not need this kind of stress in her life, she has enough shit to worry about with school coming up and everything. And school is going to be HARD!! She's doing university level schooling now. It's very stressful. So the last thing she needs is some shithead adding to that. Well, we are not the only ones Kim has shit-talked behind our backs. She did it to someone she considered a great friend, the woman she got Emma (the dog) from. That woman is now deceased, but Kim would say shit about her when she wasn't around and that woman would catch wind of it each time, and she would not talk to Kim for months! Kim is really an evil person. And I thought all this time that she was OK. BOY! Was I ever wrong!! Kim would never admit that she said this shit, and forget about ever getting an apology. But I want her to at least think about what she did and said, and I want her to sweat it out! Perhaps next time she will think twice before she messes with me and my sis again! She should know that I don't take no shit from no one! Not even people I considered friends. I told Karen that if this is the kind of person Kim is, then I don't want to be her friend. If there is one thing I hate, it's a coward! But Kim will get what she deserves soon enough. I kinda wonder though, does she do shit like this because of her stroke, or is this who she's always been?

Well, Karen came over and told me that a long time ago, she used to think of me and my sis as cows too. But she stopped thinking that way after she got to know us. She prayed about it even, she felt bad about that. I didn't even have to think about it, I just told her that I forgive her. The fact that she actually confessed to me, in person, that she thought that way at first and now feels bad about having said that tells me a lot. So I told her that I forgive her. I hope she doesn't feel bad about it anymore. Actually I don't mind being called a cow. Cows are adorable, big, and they're useful. But I still think Kim is an ugly cockroach, which is ugly, they're pests and they're useless! What gets me angry is the fact that Kim says it behind our backs, and then acts all sweet and friendly to our faces, and now she denies that she ever says it! That makes me mad! I'd rather if she was going to call me a cow that she would say it to my face! Not behind my back. I don't want her as a friend! I don't need friends like her! A person can lose weight if they want to, and be gorgeous! But you cannot fix ugly or stupid, of which Kim is really both! I never mentioned how ugly she is because it never mattered to me. When I like someone, I look at the inside, not the outside. But when someone is ugly on the inside, I have no choice but to look at the outside. Well, they'll be making snowcones in Hell before I accept Kim as a friend again. I said to Karen that I hoped Kim would delete me from her friends on Facebook, because if she doesn't, I will! So when I got back, I noticed Kim had not deleted me. So, I deleted her. But before I did, I wanted to leave her and what few friends she has on Facebook, with a little message. I told her that I think she's a liar and a wussy, and that all her friends on there should know how she is probably talking shit about them behind their backs! Not only did I drop her on Facebook, I also blocked her butt!

Kim really has no room to talk, she has a great big, fat ass herself. But I would not insult cows by saying she's one of them. I don't care about cockroaches, so I don't care if I call her that. LOL!

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