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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do Gays Really Doom Nations?

According to the Westboro Baptist Church they do. I've been looking at some of the disasters of the past dozen years that they make fun of, and they say all this is happening because gay people (they call them "fags") are allowed to get married now. For example, the 9/11 disasters in NYC and Washington DC. I've been studying these disasters because I am really interested in knowing this. Actually, it all started out as a part of my project to do a documentary about these people. Take for example, the tsunami in 2004, Asia and Indonesia. The WBC argues that there was a high number of Swedish visitors that were killed in that tsunami. And the reason? Because Sweden accepts gay marriage. They were the first European country to accept gay marriage. While it is true that Sweden was one of the first to accept gay marriages, it wasn't actually legalized until 2009, almost 5 years after the Asian tsunami. And the other odd thing I've found, there were almost as many Germans killed in that tsunami, and guess what? Same-sex marriage is NOT legal in Germany yet. And if all this is true anyway, why did the tsunami hit in Asia and Indonesia? Why didn't it hit Sweden or Norway? Germany is not anywhere near an ocean, so a tsunami would be nearly impossible there. But if Sweden is accepting of gay marriage, and that disaster happened because of same-sex marriage, why wasn't Sweden hit where it could have eliminated more of this accepting race? Answer me that, Westboro!

And let's look at 9/11, again, they say the same shit, that it all happened because Americans are accepting gay marriage. DUH! Gay marriage was not even discussed in New York until 2006, 5 years after the 9/11 disaster in NYC. And it was not legalized there until 2009--8 years later. So how is it that gay marriage had anything to do with 9/11???? Westboro just does not like gay people, and so they have to, like every child that hates something, blame what they don't like for all the problems in the world today. It'd be kinda like me saying that the Space shuttle crashed because the crew was a bunch of panther-lovers. Or that maybe the tsunami happened because Sumatra is a nation of tiger-worshipping yuppies. See how silly all that sounds? Same thing with the WBC, they hate gays as much as I hate tigers, and so they blame gay people for all the casualties happening now in this world. The only difference is I don't blame panthers for all the misery in the world today. I think panther-fanatics should get a life, but I don't think that they are the cause of all the devastation happening in the world. That's just childish and silly!

Another thought on this subject, gays are NOT universally accepted in the USA, like the Westboro Baptist Church thinks they are. Gay people are still persecuted and scorned. I don't approve of that any more than I approve of anyone scorning anyone that chooses to live their lives their own way. But the sad fact is they are not widely accepted. And people who were openly gay have not been allowed to serve in the military until quite recently. The WBC thinks that our servicemen fight for nothing but gay rights. Well, how can that be so if gays were never allowed to serve in the military before?? If we have done nothing in this country for the past 200 years but fight for gay rights, why haven't gay people been allowed to serve in the military until 2011?? And why aren't gay people prevailingly accepted in today's world yet? That just sounds really stupid to me!

So looking at this whole thing from a rational perspective, I don't think gay people are the cause of anything, neither is the acceptance of gay marriage. The world is working the way it always has. The Westboro Baptist Church reminds me so much of the delusional mods forum. They read too much into everything, and twist those meanings around to mean what they want to interpret it to mean. They are trying to turn the world against gays. But the way they deliver their message, only makes the world want to fight harder for gay rights. I have gay friends, and I stand by them. Now, there are some gays, like spkenn36, that I think should be shot dead, because they give the entire gay community a bad name. But my gay friends are very decent human beings that I feel should be allowed to live their lives the way they want to without interference from dumbasses like those in the Westboro Baptist Church. Like I said before, someone else's life is none of their business! That is between that person and their savior, whomever it may be.

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