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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Villa Drama

Well, I think I am over the initial shock of losing my friend this weekend. I was so upset over that. But there is some amount of comfort in knowing she died doing what she loved. But it must have been scary for at least a minute. Karen told me here that drowning is actually a more peaceful way to go. But it still must have been scary. I honestly think Bree came down and let me know she is doing fine up there with GOD. Because the day after, not only did I have a much better day, but so did a mutual friend of mine on Facebook. I knew it had to be a message from Bree! We were both friends with her, and she was talking about how good she was feeling that day, but that it was bittersweet because she could not tell Bree. I think she knows! It has to be a message from her. She's letting both of us know she is OK. My day was better that day too. Apparently this problem with odesk was solved, and I got a brand new water cooler! I am renting it now, but I do have the option to purchase later. And I think I will.

Well, a couple days ago, I got a message from Deb saying that my dogs were barking, and that I am now in violation of the pet code in this building. Me, Anna and Karen all thought originally that it was Kim trying to cause drama. I told Deb to watch out because Kim is probably out to get me. But Deb assured me it wasn't Kim who complained. It was Lois and Jim. I cannot always keep my dogs from barking! When they hear someone near the door, they bark! Simple as that! I cannot stop them right away. I cannot always hear when someone is at the door, which is why I got these dogs in the first place. It's their job to bark when someone is at the door. I count on that. But Lois and Jim complained because they said their barking was out of control, and I was here at the time because they heard me shout "Be quiet!" Usually when I say that, they shut right up. Another thing that they complained about, that Vegas and Minnie also walk freely without a leash. But usually they stay beside me. They don't need leashes. And really, I see Ziggy (Deb's dog) running around with a leash attached to his collar, but no one is holding the leash. And he gets away from Deb far more than my dogs get away from me. Just saying. I've nothing at all against Deb, I'm just stating a fact. I remember one time, right after Deb moved here, Ziggy ran off, his leash was on, but no one was holding it. I remember Deb jumping into her truck, speeding off to go find Ziggy. My dogs have never done that. They go where I go. Vegas sometimes charges at people, but he comes right back when I call him. Usually I call him before he gets too close to the person he's charging.

Someone here is targeting me. I can tell. Either that, or someone just has nothing better to do (like my neighbor lady) so she finds pleasure in bitching about every little thing I do. I don't even like my neighbor lady, and I do everything I can to try and make her happy. I don't even watch TV after 10:30 PM anymore. She used to bitch about that. I try not to cook after 10:30 because she always complains that I slam the cupboard doors. It took me a while to figure out what she's talking about. Because I have one cupboard that does not even close all the way. I can't slam it! It's the one on her side of the apartment too. I believe what she hears is when I am cooking, I tend to tap my spoon on the rim of the pot I am using. It can be very loud, and I figured that is what she's hearing. But she still bitches about it anyway. I thought she took to ignoring me! If she tunes me out like she says she does in the dog park, she should not be bitching about every little thing I am doing. I rarely bitch about anyone here. My grievances are all legitimate. Mostly it's because people are abusing someone else, or like the one time I turned Sharon in for leaving her dog's shit bags pinned to the side of the garage! No one wants to see that! But my neighbor lady seems to just not be happy unless she is bitching about something. Little things too. You can't make any loud noises in this place after 10:30 PM and that is when I stop most of my noisy activities. So I am within my rights. I just hate this place! I knew I was not going to do well living in an apartment complex!! You cannot even fart in your own apartment without everyone around you hearing it. Like I said before, I wish I did live in a trailer! It'd be a lot more private than this! I don't care if people would call me "trailer trash", try living in a place like this for a few months if you like your privacy and see if that trailer doesn't look better afterwords!

Kim tried to report something to Deb, and before she could even get started, Deb told Kim "If it's about the drama going on around here I don't want to hear it!" Yvette was with Kim, and she said "Then I guess telling you is not a good idea." Deb said "Then I guess you're right!" LOL! Apparently Yvette is Kim's "bodyguard". I like Yvette, but she cannot stop me from feeling the way I do about Kim! This is all Kim's own fault! And she's lucky that all I did was call her a liar. I wanted to do so much more!! I wanted to bash her a good one right in her ugly fucking face!! I don't know if Kim was going to invent something that she wanted to say I did, or if she wanted to cause more drama with someone else because I pretty much don't see her nowadays. If I ever do, I'd probably mostly ignore her. Might say hi to Emma though.

Well, last night coming out of the dog park, I heard what sounded to me like a rattlesnake! It sounded like it was right over on the other side of the garage. I know rattlesnakes live around here, I'm not so sure they'd come into the city limits. They do in Logon, according to Karen. It sounded to me like a youngster. Well, Jim, our maintenance guy, doesn't believe what I heard was a rattlesnake. He believes it's too high up for them to live up here. But I looked up rattlesnakes in Montana, and they are found here in Bozeman. We have prairie rattlesnakes here. I don't think the fact that we are high up makes much difference. I used to see rattlers in eastern Washington, and there were mountains there. I've heard of people in LA getting bitten by rattlesnakes, and that's a hugely populated city. Much more so than Bozeman. We have the mountains behind us that are mostly remote areas, and there is a huge field that is empty on both sides of us. Both are great conditions for rattlesnakes. And it's been hot here for the past week. I told Anna to be very careful and not go into the grass! The last thing we need is a snakebite casualty here! I've had a rough enough week, although most of it has improved. I don't want to have to face a rattlesnake fatality. Next to losing a friend, that would be the worst thing that could happen to me. I would have gone into the grass to see if what I heard was a rattlesnake, but I didn't because I only had my sandals on.

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