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Monday, June 11, 2012

New Website Project

Well, I am looking into redoing the entire UMG Productions site. There's some updates that I want to have put on it, some new features, and I am trying to find someone to work on it and make it all happen. I even have a desire to install an app that I can use to convert my original story files to a format that can be uploaded to a Kindle and/or a Nook. There are applications on the internet that do that, but none of them converts .PUB files, and that's what my originals are written in. So I want that capability on my site. However, right now the most I can offer anyone is $200 for this job. Most of them are saying that price is too low. I can't help it though, that's all I can offer now. I still have to be paid for the delivery job I did, and hopefully, it will be enough to cover what I am offering to have this job done.

Honestly, when I first posted this job on odesk, I figured I would be getting a bunch of replies from very young, talented people who are fresh out of college, with the skills I need, and who are just looking to begin building a reputation. That was what I got the last time I posted a job there for the Metazoic site. The difference is I only wanted a small portion of the Metazoic site done. That was the Mammals section. For the UMG site, I am asking to have the entire thing done over again. I know my price is a little lax, but it's the most I can offer. Maybe for a really great job, I can offer something of a bonus. Of course that all depends on what I get for this job. Not sure what to do. I had like 9 applicants, and now I have narrowed it down to 2, they are the best 2.

One guy I just got off Skype with said the job normally would cost no less than $3000 to complete. While that sounds more fair than what I am asking, for me it's just not possible. I am doing this without my supervisor's permission (for the most part), but I think it needs to be done. So I am going to have this new site built, and inform her later on. LOL! The two people I am down to now are the ones who are willing to do the job for the price I am offering. Or pretty close to it.

I remember when I was having the Metazoic site done, I did get an offer from someone, who probably was just a kid fresh out of high school. He made a fatal mistake. I asked everyone to do a mock-up and that kid said he would, and next thing I know he's asking me if I'm going to take his mock-up and use it without paying him. He was only asking about $50 to do that job, I would have hired him. But instead I tossed his application. I want to work with someone I know will trust me, and who I can trust as well. If there's no trust, there's no communication, thus no working relationship. He sounded like he was fresh out of high school or something, but I didn't get to know him well enough to be sure. I let him go. So far, no one has been like that in this job. But once again, I am going to use my instincts in hiring the worker. It's going to be a tough decision, ultimately in the end. Both my final candidates are exceptional! I've seen both of their works. One sounds more business like, the other sounds more like he's in this business as a hobby. But he does awesome work!

If I had used my instincts the first time I hired someone to do the UMG Productions site, I never would have hired the person I did. I had contact with another man who even called me on the phone to discuss the job. He was very nice and knew more about what he was doing than the person I actually ended up hiring! I just hate it that I hired that guy that I did hire before. He was slow to respond to my messages, never communicated with me through Skype, and he did not change the images I wanted him to change that were up on the template. Now that site is gone, it was hacked. How it got hacked I don't know, but it did. So I want the new site to be tamper-proof. Let's keep the fingers crossed that this new site is the end-all of UMG Productions websites!

In other news, I am a little ticked off at Lois! Brandi was supposed to begin obedience classes this month. Lois promised she would send Brandi to obedience classes. Now that the time is nearly here, Lois decided at the last minute that she isn't going to send Brandi to obedience classes. So Brandi is just going to keep living with this anger and jealousy built up, and probably attack my dogs again. Karen said that was Lois' decision and we don't argue with Lois. I said to her that's fine. But if Brandi attacks Minnie again I'm not going to have any choice but to report Brandi to Animal Control. I'd hate to do it! But I would have to. It could mean Brandi gets taken away from Lois. Karen said she'd be all for it. Maybe it would wake Lois up! I never knew it before, but when Brandi gets into a fight, Lois treats the incident like it's all cutesy. Brandi gets no punishment for it at all. Minnie and Vegas are so small. Brandi has the potential to hurt both of them very bad. That would not be very cute at all! And I am going to be pissed if it happens again! But Lois had her opportunity to get this problem of Brandi's fixed. I don't want to see Lois lose Brandi, but if she attacks Minnie again, I won't have a choice but to report it. That is why I am so pissed off at Lois now! I don't meant to disrespect her, but cutting off those training sessions is the worst damn thing she could have ever done in Brandi's sake. It might mean Brandi's demise.
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