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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Road To Helena

Well today we decided to go and have a little bit of fun, so we got out some money and went to Helena. We would have gone to Billings, but there wasn't enough to go there. But we had fun anyways in Helena. I didn't get much!! I couldn't think of much I needed. Usually I go there and get some fish, but honestly, I don't think I really need anymore fish! My tank has quite enough right now. Really though I'd like to get some bottom feeders. I don't really have enough of those. What I like are like Kuhli loaches, or their close cousins the golden eel loaches, which are very rare! But that is what I would get if I could find them. But I haven't seen either one since we moved here. The golden eel loaches I haven't seen since 1995! Most pet stores don't want to keep them because they like to dig deep into the substrate and stay there until night time. But they are so cool-looking!! They are so long and slender, they look just like strands of spaghetti with eyes and gills!! And they swim like snakes. So do kuhli loaches.

Well I didn't get any fish today. Not to say I wasn't tempted!! I just knew I shouldn't get anymore right now. Well I did get myself a new keyboard. It's one of those like you see on TV with the big letters. It's spill-proof, fade-proof, and the letters are huge so you can find them easily. On my last keyboard, some of the letters were fading. I love the idea it's spill-proof because I am always drinking water at my computer, and sometimes some of it will spill. Worries the Hell out of me. Right now, I am just trying to get used to typing on it. The keys on this thing are bigger than they were on my last board, so it's going to take a little getting-used-to to punch the right letters. So forgive me if there are some mistakes here. I also got some signs to go on my door that says "Beware Watch Chihuahua In The House" and "Beware Watch Papillon In The House". LOL! Not that Vegas and Minnie would attack anyone. Well, Vegas might charge someone, but that would be the extent other than barking at them. Either way they are cute signs and I wanted to have them on my door just for the hell of it.

We also went to a bead store and I had some agate beads, some dragon charms and some eye-pins to put through them. The clerk put these items in a little plastic bag and we were on our way home. I paid $11 for all those items, the agate beads were the most expensive things I bought there. They were gorgeous! A beautiful dark emerald green, I was going to glue the dragon charm onto the agate and turn them into earrings. They would have been so beautiful!! Well it was hot out and windy so we had to leave the windows down while we were driving home, and some things were flying around. I told Anna to stop the car and I wanted to check and see that we still had everything. But when I looked in the trunk, I noticed my beads were gone! I didn't even think they were light enough to fly out the window, but they must have because I didn't see them. Anna and I got out of the car and traced back to where we believed they blew out at on foot. We must have walked at least a mile down the highway looking for those beads! I was so upset when I could not find them! But I spent $11 on those beads, I had to at least try to look for them! But I couldn't. They were definitely gone. Somewhere between Helena and Townsend is that bag of beads! Hopefully someone will find them and maybe have fun with them. If it cannot be me, I hope it's someone with an appreciation for making their own jewelry. Well, I believe everything happens for a reason. I guess GOD is telling me I have enough earrings. I haven't even taken the studs out yet, and I've already got about 50 pairs of earrings! LOL! They come out on Monday. But the person who pierced my ears told me that I'll have to always wear earrings 24/7 for the next year after I take out these studs. I think I'll keep the studs and put them back in at night.

When we got home, we put the dogs into the dog park to use the bathroom. Helga, the village wierdo, was sitting out in the picnic area next to the dog park doing I don't know what. Vegas and Minnie saw her and started barking at her. It takes a lot for Minnie to bark at someone! But it's obvious my dogs do not like Helga!! Neither do I really! LOL! She was staring at me and Anna very hard, I looked at her and I showed Anna she was looking at us like a monkey in a zoo. LOL! Anna said she shouted something at us, but I didn't hear anything she said. Anna asked me "What is she saying?" I answered "Who knows? Who cares?" and just laughed. Helga shouted something again, but I still did not hear what she said. She was too far away and Vegas and Minnie were barking very loudly. And really, I didn't give a shit what she said. I just wanted Vegas and Minnie to stop barking and do what they were put in there to do. Helga thinks she owns this place, and she thinks she can control what someone else's dog does. She can't. She acts like a spoiled child sometimes.

Well, when it looked like the dogs were finished, I walked them out of the park, Helga left to stay ahead of us. I had hoped Vegas would not charge after her, because Helga is so evil, I feared she might have kicked Vegas or Minnie if they got anywhere near her! She stopped to talk to this one woman, who's name escapes me for the moment, but I know her when I see her. I talk to her quite a bit. She's a little bit on the crazy/fun-loving side and I like that about her. But Helga said something to her, obviously some kind of complaint, because I saw Helga pointing at us and the other woman looked back at us and smiled. Again, I didn't care, I just knew though Helga was bitching about me and Anna and our dogs. I think my babies can tell Helga hates dogs. She even gripes about Karen's dogs. Helga knows better than to mess with me, because I'll kick her butt if she tries anything with our dogs. Don't mess with a fat, annoyed bitch!! And yes I am annoyed! Annoyed because I lost those damn beads and I know I'll never see them again. But I think it's GOD's will, so I will just have to move on. But that's 11 fricken dollars wasted!!!!! Makes me so mad!!!

Some excitement got underway when we were on our way to Helena this morning. There was this man in a turquoise-colored Ford Accent with a license plate that read GIRTY that was driving erratically and constantly swerving off his lane. Anna and I thought he might have been drunk. We called 911, but I don't know if the cops got him or not. We kept up with him for probably about 15 miles until we reached Townsend, and he even stopped at the same stop we did. I got a good look at his face, he was a small, slender old man with a panama hat on, and in his face, he didn't look all there. He must have been drunk. I said the cops have a detailed description of his car, so they'll get him. Let them take care of him!

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