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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sad Night Tonight

Well, actually yesterday was just not one of my better days. I was so tired. Then I found out odesk suspended my account. Just when I was supposed to pay my web developer for his work! I wish I could just can odesk and pay this guy person-to-person! I was so angry. Then they tell me that the money I sent them (almost $200) did not go through! I am so mad I am pissing blood now!!! That's an expression BTW! Then last night I found out that the water cooler Karen gave me was leaking. I just hope it did not leak enough to seep into Lois' apartment below me. She'll hand me my ass in a can if it does! And now tonight I just found out that one of my best Facebook friends has passed away. Her name was Brenda, but we all called her Bree. Yesterday was not a day for Timmyfan! Hopefully things will get better tomorrow. But I sure am going to miss Bree. I was so heartbroken to find out she died. Apparently she went on a rafting trip with her husband and there was an accident, the raft capsized and swept her and her husband away. He made it out, but she got pulled under water and trapped under a tree where she drowned. She was found some hours later.

Well, two things about this are comforting. One is that she was a believer in GOD, and I know she is up there in Heaven with him now, enjoying a place I can only dream of. Also, that she died doing something she loved. She always told me she loved camping and other outdoor activities, so I know she was having fun yesterday, going rafting with her significant other. The sad part about this is she was a wonderful person. I introduced her to another one of my friends, who was ill then, and she and Bree used to text each other every week. They would say prayers and stuff together, and Bree would always ask her how she's doing. Bree was a very kind person, sweet and loving. I will also miss her daily messages, prayers, pictures, and little clips talking about hope and GOD's love. I'm going to miss that. Where the Westboro Baptist Church almost made me lose faith in GOD, Bree would always give scriptures that would restore that faith. She was the first friend I made from Montana, we were friends even before I moved here. In the last conversation we had together, she asked me how I was liking Montana. I didn't want to say anything bad to hurt her feelings, but I had to tell her the truth, I wanted to go back to the coast!

You know what's kinda strange about all this? I think I predicted this accident in a dream I had no longer than a week ago. Only in my dream, it was 2 young children that drowned in a boating accident. And all I could hear in that dream was one of the kids crying and screaming. This whole thing just upsets me. I kinda wonder if Kim put a curse on me. Or if this is just one of those unlucky streaks that just happens. I didn't even do anything to Kim. She did it all herself. She shat on me and my sis behind our backs, and was dishonest about it to our faces. All this should be happening to her, not me. Well, she will get her's soon enough. Even if she did put a curse on me, curses always come back to haunt the person who placed them, and can hit them 3 times worse. I've got the good LORD on my side in this. That's all I really need.

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