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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPKenn36 Returns!!

If this was a movie, this would be The Return of Swamp Thing! LOL! Remember spkenn36 from a couple years ago? Well, I woke up this morning to find he has come back! I'm actually glad to see him again. LOL! Feels like the return of an old comrade! Usually I block people like him who just come to my videos to troll, but yes, I was actually glad to see him again. At first I kinda wondered if this was some kind of mock account, but then I looked at his page, and I noticed it really was him. Well, he tried to insult me by continuing to call me "fat bitch". But no, he could not succeed in that. I admit it myself I am a fat bitch, how can I be insulted by that? LOL! I just kept laughing at him because now I know the type of person he is. I've dealt with him before. I didn't want to block him before, simply because he's entertaining and I was having fun. The only reason I blocked him now is because I have to finish this blog, and I got enough input about him to write this post. He gave me permission to write this post! He actually begged me to! LOL!

He was saying anyway throughout several of my videos how fat, ugly, and stupid he thinks I am and all that other BS. It basically just went in one ear and out the other. I don't care what he says about me, and I think he knows that by now. The only thing that was really bothersome was when he was talking about my friends and calling me "sweety". I usually don't mind being called "sweety", if the person is decent. But there is something about a psychotic, gay troll calling me that that kinda rubs me the wrong way. Especially if it's a guy. In response to some of his comments, which included lies or his own conjectures about people and places he really has no idea about, I made corrections for his sake. So he would know the truth and not keep telling lies about people he doesn't know. Namely my friends. LOL! I don't think Katrina would be too happy at all to hear spkenn thinks she works in a Burger King. LOL! On the other hand, she might get as much of a laugh out of it as I did. I always think it's funny when people talk like they know what they are talking about and they really don't.

Well, 3 years ago, Kenny (actually his real name is Sean) admitted in a fit of rage that he is gay. Nothing to be ashamed of. Now, he is trying to deny it, and is even insulted by being called gay. Ironically, he said all this on my video about the Westboro Baptist Church. I told him to spend a day with those people. If he thinks being called "gay" is insulting, try going there, where those people will call him a "fag" and say he's filthy. Now THAT'S insulting!!!! I have friends who are gay. They would rather be called that than a "fag". But that's them. That's not Sean!

Well, Sean's attempts to insult me and piss me off was an epic FAIL! I kept my cool. I didn't even feel anger at him, not even when he was talking about my friends. Really not even when he called me "sweety". That just made my skin crawl. Sort of like if Ted Bundy was to call me "sweety", and me knowing what his background is like. But I am always proud of myself when I manage to keep my cool! LOL! When I fly off the handle is when I tend to get mad at myself. And there is NO way spkenn36 can make me do that. I'm used to him. LOL! But it was sure fun seeing him try so hard. Well, he finally admitted he himself is a fat, ugly, unloved, stupid, trailer-crawling troll. So now at least I know what his problem is. Of course he said I'm the kind of ugly that is on the inside (not that I deny I am ugly on the outside as well--but hey! That's me!) But I'll bet you he's the same, ugly inside and out. At least I am honest. He also said my honesty is as fluid as my cellulite. LOL! I have to admit that one was a little bit creative! I never heard it put that way before.

I've said it many times before on here, being ugly is not all bad! Neither is being fat. At least I know Sean will not be able to come and kidnap me or anything. LOL!! I mean really! Who wants to try and kidnap a fat, ugly bitch, right?! And he was making remarks about my marriage, well, I loved the man I was married to, and he loved me. That is why we are still friends, even though we are no longer married. I just don't like being married. For a vast number of reasons. I had at least one other offer since I left my last marriage, but I turned it down. I don't want to be married. I got so used to living by myself that I could not live with another man. The only person I would want to share a home with is my sis. I'm not even comfortable here, and I have my own apartment. I wish I did live in just a trailer! LOL! At least that is much more private and personal than it is here. In fact, this place feels to me much more like a group home than an apartment complex. I guess because the complex is all indoors, instead of being able to open a door and step into the outside. It's like being in a big house with just a lot of bedrooms. Believe me, I would take a trailer over this apartment in a flash if I could!

I still wish we had never moved from Ocean Shores!! I miss it there. And now that summer is coming here, it's going to start getting hot again, and my skin is going to dry up because I have to keep the darn air conditioner going! I wanted to move to Missoula, at least there I could be closer to home, and our friends and family can still come to visit. Now my sis is telling me we may not move there until her junior year. UGH!! I cannot wait that long!! I might as well finish saving my money and just move back to the coast as wait for her to complete her junior year here at the university!! Fuck it!! I'll just stay here until then. I might as well! But I still wish we had never left Ocean Shores!!! We had a lovely home, huge parking lot in our driveway, ample privacy in that parking lot, and best of all---we were only one block from the ocean!! I miss it!

Ahhhh..... well, now that that rant is over, I want to quote some things Sean practically begged me to quote. LOL!! Here they are:

"Gosh 3 comments...people are really flocking to you Fat Bitch..."

 "Sad when people measure their own self worth in subs...but if youve got nothing better in your life...
Gunna blog about this? So all your legion of followers can hang off your every word?
Fat Bitch!"

Yeah, he only has 2 subscribers and I have almost 190. Not that it really matters. I've gotten rid of some subscribers before. I'm not falling over myself to get more in a hurry. It'll happen when it happens. But I have enough that I managed to make partner. :)

"Hey fat bitch remember me? Well now Ive seen your 'blog' and seen your ugly fat head (and no Im not going to say Miss Fat Bitch) and witnessed just how much of a fat American ogre you are I just had to stop by and say hello...

Blogging about youtube soap operas? Trying to belittle people to take away your own pain and suffering?

Funny how few views your videos have and how nobody seems to comment on your blog.

You epitomise everything wrong with the USA.


This was his first post this morning. He read my blog and now is butt-hurt, but that's OK. He got me a lot of views this morning on my videos. I bet I made at least $2 in adsense just from the attention he got me alone. hehe! I could actually hear his voice quickly shrieking to a high soprano in this post. LOL!

"You know that you are as ugly as you are fat, and Im talking about the ugly thats on the inside. What sort of a loser has to blog about silly youtube squabbles like its the biggest thing to happen to them. Interesting that you still claim to know more about animals than me (not that Ive ever claimed the reverse) yet all you know by your own admission is what you read in a book...

Sad fat lonely ugly bitch...blog that hun!

Crybaby? Youre a real laugh! :D"

He's an even bigger laugh! I had fun with him this morning! LOL! I blog about EVERYTHING! Not just YouTube squabbles and trolls I meet on there. Whether they comment or not is really irrelevant, at least I know they are reading. I see it every day in my stats.

I admit I probably should have just let him ramble on, even with his lies and assumptions. I was just responding with the truth and honesty. When I get more views and comments, I will probably stop responding to the trolls. For now though, I just like having fun.

Well, this has gone on for too long. I told Sean to view my blog again in about an hour, that was 2 hours ago. LOL! No doubt he is waiting. This would have got on the air sooner, but I was skyping with one of my "imaginary" friends, as Sean would put it! LOL!


katrina said...

you tell this sean/kenny whatever the fuck it's name is to shut his fucking pie hole and go fuck himself

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Here's the scoop on spkenn36:

His name is Sean P. Kennedy, he's Irish (which are a group of people known for having a bad temper) and he's a muslim. :)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Here's more:

He lives in Melbourne, Australia and he has a blog, and a book about gay sex. LOL!