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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spoiled Brat

The drama continues. My respect for Karen has boosted 10-fold since she came over here and admitted to me herself that she used to call me and my sister cows when we were not around, and she apologized. If Kim would have just done the same instead of trying to pin it on someone else, I would have much more respect for her than I do now. But as it is, she just looks like a wussy. Now, I cannot say that I have never done the same myself, I used to look for a scapegoat whenever I was caught saying something I should not have. But that was a LONG time ago. The last time I ever did it was in the days of the AcmePet forums. And I said a prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me. And I haven't done it since. I stopped. Now, it's like, why bother? I did it, I should be able to admit I did it. It's not always easy when you like someone, and you don't want to hurt them. But that's what a mature person would do. I might have said I was sorry to the people of the AcmePet forum, but I felt because I was asked for my opinion, and I gave it honestly, that I didn't do anything wrong. My offense was towards GOD. No one else! And GOD is one person I do not want to offend! I felt that GOD forgave me too, and that made me feel 100% better.

Kim could definitely use some lessons in this. Perhaps she needs to be struck hard enough to have to think about what she did. Well, when she stormed out of the dog park this morning, and she got back in this building, Deb said that Kim was crying and boo-hooing hysterically. Deb said that Kim did not even stop to give Emma a doggy treat. I said Good!! She got what she deserved! She shat on me and my sis, and she lied about it! A double offense! Kim is lucky that is all she got from me too! It was a lot for me to just sit there and listen to her lie like she did! I can handle a lot of things, but someone dissing my family is one thing I don't tolerate! Lying is the second thing that offends me the most. Especially from someone I trusted. I felt like just tackling Kim to the ground!! I'm glad I made her start crying! Hopefully it will make her think twice before ever doing something like that again.

Well, now that she's lied to me about this, the chances of reconciliation with her is absolutely zero! Not gonna happen! Once you diss my family, and especially if you lie about it, you're dead as far as I'm concerned! No, I'm not going to kill Kim! LOL! But in my mind, she might as well be dead! Her name is mud as far as I'm concerned. No one disses my family and expects to be forgiven without repentence! If I wrong somebody, I admit it, and I usually apologize. Like when I put that nasty note on Roger's door. Once I found out he didn't shit on my sister, like I thought he did, I went right to him and apologized. He said he forgives me, but I can still tell there is a grudge there. He never speaks to me anymore. But you know what? I'm not even mad at him for not liking me, because I fully expected him to hate me after I told him I made that note I put on his door. But my apology to him was indeed sincere. I cannot get him to believe that though. He still carries a grudge. But at least I had enough love and respect for Roger to tell him the truth, admit I was wrong, and apologize to him. But Kim obviously hated me and my sis. And she led us on for a year now. That makes me angry!! I'm glad she feels bad and is crying now. She got her ass handed to her and she is hating herself for it. See, I don't care if Andy hates us, because I hate him too, but I don't lead him on and pretend that I like him for anything. I was sorry when Angus died, and I told Andy so. But it was Angus I liked, not Andy! I still like Emma too. I never hold it against the dog because the owner is an asshole.

Well, if we only have one friend left in this building, that's fine. My grandma always said that if a person makes just one good friend in their lives, they're doing fine. As long as I remember that, I'll always be happy with what I have. I'll never be able to look at Kim the same way ever again. So the possibility of forgiveness is, well, just not going to happen! If Kim wants to act like Andy, she can go hang with him. I don't want her near me, my sis, or my dogs ever again! I knew we had made her sweat this morning, and if it made her cry, that's good! She deserves to stew for a while! Now she will feel exactly how me and my sister felt knowing that she betrayed us! I hate to think this is going to ruin my chances of trusting anyone again. Only time will tell.

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