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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stray Dogs In Russia

For the past couple of days, I've been in a back-and-forth conversation with some of the viewers of this one video showing a group of stray, semi-wild dogs attacking and killing a cat. It's an interesting video, the video poster said that these groups of stray dogs are a real big problem in Russia. It all started in the 1990s, when former dog breeders released their leftover stock into the wild and just let them roam free. Since then the groups of dogs have killed many smaller pets, including smaller dogs, fowl, deer, fox, rodents and other wildlife. But when they kill a cat, they don't eat it. Well, I am not surprised! I can imagine a cat would be nothing but fat and grease! Not too appetizing as a burger! LOL! But in all seriousness, he says these packs of wild dogs have also attacked children and adults the same way they attack this cat in the film. Check it out! I must warn you, it's very graphic!

I'm not surprised at the number of people on this video who said "Why didn't you save this cat??" I said "No one in their right mind is going to confront an aggressive pack of semi-wild dogs just to save a dumb cat!!" I know I wouldn't! It's not worth it. If it's just a cat, I would just be sitting inside my home thanking GOD that cat isn't me. Now, if I saw these dogs attack a child, you can bet I'd be out there with a shot gun in a flash and I'd kill those dogs for sure! But a cat?? Nah! I would not risk it just for a cat that is probably nothing more than a stray anyway. A pet would be different. I wouldn't mind saving someone's pet. But stray cats are nothing but trouble. They kill small animals and birds, and carry diseases.

On the other hand, you have to almost feel sorry for the cat. There is a very good chance the cat in this film is a stray, but it's still kinda sad to watch. My first reaction when I finished watching this film was "aww, poor kitty." Believe it or not! But then that is also always my reaction when I see bigger animals ripping up smaller animals. Like the other day when I saw a documentary on NatGeo about crocodiles, and they ripped up a whole herd of thompson's gazelles. These were HUGE crocs too! The gazelles would not stand a chance against them. I've been watching nature shows for most of my life, scenes like this usually do not bother me. But the video poster said that these dogs did not even eat the cat they killed. They just killed it and used it as a chew toy.

So stray dogs are a real big problem in some areas. They aren't here in the US anymore because we have proper shelters to take these dogs to if the owners do not want them anymore. But in places like Russia, and many other Asian and European countries, they've become a real problem. This is one reason I hate irresponsible people! But then again, if the country does not have shelters to take unwanted pets to, what else is a pet owner supposed to do when they decide they don't want their pet anymore, or they cannot have them anymore?

One of the people I got into it with was a young girl who calls herself toolcat. Now, if I had known in the beginning that she was only 12, I never would have got into it with her. But her profile said something to the effect of she was 47. I thought she was just a dumb 47 year old!!! But she's not, she's actually quite a smart 12 year old. I began to suspect she was not as old as her profile said she was when she was taking everything I said too literally. Kinda like Rose on the Golden Girls. Well, I don't like battling with 12 year olds. I think it gives them a sense of bad values, and the last thing this world needs is more kids with bad ideas about respect. I usually only attack 12 year olds that come to one of my videos, or my channel, and start their shit with me. Never on someone else's video if I can help it. So I backed off, slowly but surely.

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