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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Timmyfan vs. Atheists

Today my sis and I went on a trip to Billings and it was FUN!!! But before we went, I checked my e-mails and messages and stuff like I always do. One of the places I look is on YouTube for new comments, in case any have to be approved on my videos. Well, someone responded to a comment I made on a video I saw last night by TheAmazingAtheist about praying and obeying. Well, I gave my opinion. This was what I wrote:

Prayer always worked for me. HE may not always answer the way I want HIM to, but HE does always answer. I always believe everything happens for a reason.

Well, it's true. Prayer does always work for me. I may not always get the answer I would prefer, but I always get the answer. No where in my comment does it reveal what I pray about, because that always varies. And even if I don't get the answer I want, I still believe there is a reason for everything that happens. For example, right now I would LOVE to be in a permanent home on the ocean, and I've prayed to GOD daily to send me back there, but HE hasn't yet. I do not argue with GOD, I truly believe there is a good reason I am still here, as far from any ocean as any person can get and still be on Earth. I figure when GOD wants me back at the ocean, HE will supply a way for me to get back there. It's not up to me, nor my sis, nor anyone else. It's all in GOD's hands.
Well, this morning I woke up and saw someone, most likely an atheist, had responded to my comment. He calls himself Opticillusions97. This was his response to me:
You just contradicted yourself. If everything happens for a reason, why pray for GOD WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING AND CONTROLS EVERYTHING TO CHANGE IT?????

Actually, his comment made me laugh. Personally, I see no contradiction anywhere in my comment. I don't understand where he sees it. But then again, he's not the first atheist I've known to put words in my mouth. Atheists believe ALL christians are out to change their views of GOD, or A god. I wasn't trying to convert anyone. I was just saying that prayer always works for me, and it does. Good or bad, it always works for me. I have seen christians push their beliefs on others, but I am not among those kinds of christians. Never have been. I know in the mind of most christians, it says in the Bible that we are supposed to go around and spread HIS word, but not me. My philosophy is "Every person for themselves". I don't feel it's my business if someone does not believe in GOD, or if they are going to go to Hell. Like I said, that is between that person and their savior, whomever it may be.
Well, I have NEVER tried to push my beliefs on atheists, but they sure have tried to push their beliefs on me! As demonstrated here by xXTrueSShotX:
No, you are just a delusional close minded fuck without realization that your "prayers" were answered due to scientific explanations. Oh, so if I went, kidnapped a pregnant woman, ripped out her 7 month old baby, and skull fucked it, made a video put it all over the internet. It happened for a reason right.. God had his plan for that pregnant woman and her baby.. mmm mm yes.

If I knew the answer to that, I'd be GOD. And I am not. But yes, as sad as it is, even bad things happen for some reason. The problem with people like xXTrueSShotX is that they want definitive answers right away when something happens. He does not know that everything has a grand design. The story of Terrecita Bozza comes to mind! Ever see the movie "Voices From the Grave"? Of course fake names were used for the movie, but it's about a woman who was killed by a co-worker. The true story is featured on The Best of Unsolved Mysteries, you might want to check it out. Kindof interesting that xXTrueSShotX used such a violent example. Could this be indication that he has secret dreams and desires of doing this very thing? LOL!
Well, I thought xXTrueSShotX's comment was so doltish, I didn't feel it was worthy of any response. But I should add him to my collection of boneheads in my Dim-Wit Hall of Fame. So when I lost those beads last weekend, that has a scientific explanation? When my sis's surgery was cancelled, that had a scientific explanation? Geez! I didn't know that! Maybe my microscope is broken or something! LOL! Anyway, my response to Opticillusions97 was:
Who said that I pray to change anything?

I'll tell you who said it, No one! It sure wasn't me. I pray mostly for strength to accept, or for answers. If I were dying of cancer, I would not pray to change that. I would pray to have the strength to accept the fact that I am dying of cancer. If GOD wanted to change that, and keep me going, that's in HIS hands. Not mine. I swear, I think atheists read too much into things when it comes to other people who believe in GOD. I comment on an atheist's video, they think I am trying to convert them. Face it, people are just DUMB!!!
Well, in spite of all that BS, I had fun in Billings!! We went to a place called The Cracker Barrel and had dinner. It's a combination country-style restaurant and gift shop. I found some earrings I liked and got those. I also got a nautical-scened candle holder, and some magic-motion cards that shows horses running and fish swimming. I haven't seen nautical themed anything since we moved here!! I just had to have this candle-holder! Anna was going to get Odessa clipped there, but they needed to know when Odessa's rabies shot expires, and she did not have the paperwork, so we had to abandon that idea. Now, I could have sworn we went there about a month or two ago, and there was both a Petco AND a Petsmart! We found the Petsmart, but could not find the Petco. Anna said I probably saw that in Idaho Falls. But I swear it was much later than that that I saw it!! Oh well.
Well, one pet store we went to there, this woman had a lovely mini aussie, it was a red merle. I pretended like I was going to run off with it. LOL! I don't think she took it that way though. She kinda tensed up and remained tense the whole time we were there. I was just playing! I didn't want her dog! I couldn't take it even if I wanted it and it was up for adoption. This apartment has a 2-pet limit and I already hit that limit. But she was tense the whole time we were there. I guess she couldn't take a joke. LOL! Well anyway, while we were there, I found some African scooter tetras, they called them hummingbird tetras. They are not much to look at, they really look like run-of-the-mill algae eaters. But they do not have sucker mouths, and they have shorter faces. They're awful cute and fun to watch! I almost ordered them when ThatFishPlace had them available. But by the time I was ready to order them, they were out of stock, and they have not been back in stock since. But I managed to find some today! That's way cool!! There were 3 of them left and I got all 3
Oh and in other news in this Soap Opera building. Kim is thinking she is going to need to hire a body guard! LOL! When Karen told me that, I laughed hard! I'm surprised Kim has not gone to file a restraining order against me. LOL! She brought this whole thing upon herself! She was the one who started on me and my sis, if anyone should get a body guard, it's us! LOL! But I don't need one. Kim is a spoiled brat. She was raised in a wealthy family. I told Anna last night, "you know how these rich little mama's girls are, you've seen Little House on the Prairie!" Rich kids always seem to have some kind of undeserved sense of entitlement. In Kim's case, it's carried on to adulthood. She's not the only one though. Seems ALL kids who grew up in a wealthy family are that way, a lot of them even as adults. But all this proves that Kim is indeed feeling guilt. She just doesn't want to face it. But she is going to keep feeling it until she admits what she did. It won't get better. It's only going to get worse. It did with me. Of course in my case, my offense was toward GOD, not a person. Well, some people were offended! But their feelings were really trivial, since I was asked for my opinion and I gave it honestly. Anna asked Kim for her opinion about us, but she was dishonest. She not only offended GOD, she offended me and my sis when she lied to us.
Bodyguard indeed!! LOL! That bodyguard, when he/she hears Kim's story, and compares it to Karen's, that person will probably say to Kim "Sorry, you are on your own!" Probably will agree that Kim brought on all this misery herself. Karen said Kim has always been like this, with quite a few people.

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