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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why You're Not Awesome

Trolls! Gotta love them! LOL! I get them all the time. Well, this was a troll that started off friendly, and then became a jerk. He calls himself WhyImAwesome. I had seen him post before to me, but I could not remember where. But it was recent. Well, a couple days ago, he posted something about me hating panthers so much and added "WHO THE HELL CARES??" I agreed with him, but then I said that apparently it matters a lot to panther fanatics. Then the next day he says "Like I said, you hate panthers so much, WHO THE FUCK CARES????!!!" and then added that he was going to make a video picturing dead lemurs and put it up and called it "TIMMY LOGIC". I smiled and told him "You're not my Timmy." and added IF he can find dead lemur pics, he can try it. I actually looked for some, just to see if they are out there, and I only found 2. One you cannot even recognize as lemurs. The dead panthers video was easy to make because panthers are so highly thought-of (undeservingly) MANY pics of dead panthers have been posted. But people are only just now becoming aware of how endangered lemurs are, so pics of dead lemurs are rare by comparison.

Well, he can try to post a video like that. I wouldn't pay no nevermind to it anyway! LOL! Probably would never even watch it. But me being the way I am, I went to this person's channel and saw other posts he's made in other peoples' videos, and it seems that he likes to go all over the site and stir up shit with others. That is the very definition of a troll. And on top of his channel, he says to "love one another". HAHAHA! What a hypocrite! Trolls love no one but themselves. Funny thing was, I didn't have this person blocked, and if he's a troll, I should have. I remembered he had posted on one of my videos somewhere, but I could not remember where. So I looked. I did find his first posts to me on one of my videos and he said he wanted to discuss something with me and wanted to PM me. So I told him to go ahead, but I am still not sure if anyone outside of friends can PM me. He said he couldn't. So he decided to send me a friend request, which I accepted. But then I never heard from him again, until 2 days ago. I guess what he had to say was not at all important.

Well, I bring all this up because I have decided to stop accepting any negative comments on my videos. One person, who read what I wrote to another troll, told me I should stop giving the morons more attention than they deserve. I thought about what he said and I knew he was right! So I said that from now on I was no longer going to accept any negative comments on that video. But come to think of it, I should do the same for EVERY video I put up. Katrina has always told me the same thing. The thing is, I have to really train myself to not accept negative comments! I'm too kind-hearted for my own good. I like to accept comments from everybody, even the trolls and haters. I am a firm believer in free speech, and I like to give everyone a chance to voice their opinions. So, deleting the negative comments is going to be something I'll really have to force myself to do from now on. I had some practice yesterday. Another fanatical vegan posted on my Fat People Falling video, pissing and moaning about veganism again. Like that video has anything to do with veganism!! LOL! At first I accepted his comment, but then I deleted it, like I should have in the beginning. Another person posted a negative comment on my snake video, but I didn't even really read it because it started with "eeeeewwwwwwww", so I knew it was going to be negative. I didn't get past the first word, I just deleted his comment, unread. It actually was hard for me to do that!! LOL!

Let me tell you all, I could not even believe how hard it was to delete those negative comments! One would think that would be the easiest thing in the world to do! But I almost could not do it, I felt like I was taking away another person's rights. Made me feel like a hypocrite myself! That is why I have to carefully train myself to not accept those kind of comments. But I made this promise, not just to myself, but also to my friends, family, subscribers and positive viewers. It might take some therapy though! Sometimes it might take a little reminder. But I hope to be able to overcome this habit! LOL!

Well, my ma was able to get a friend to watch Vegas and Minnie while I look for a new place. Now I am just waiting for the money to come around so I can move. It won't be until next month. And it may be the month after before I can actually move. Though my ma told me about a law that says that my security deposit has to be returned (in whole or part) within 14 days after my residency here is terminated, otherwise the landlord is obligated to return the entire amount of security and pet deposits. As long as my dogs did no damage to the apartment, and they didn't. The carpets need a little cleaning, but they are still intact.
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