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Monday, September 10, 2012

And So The Hunt Continues

I am still looking for a place, and I got another lead today. But this time I am playing it safe. Well, not too safe. LOL! I have to show some of my true character in order to not shock this person when I get there. Anyway, I got another offer today. It's an A-frame cottage on the beach and it actually almost sounds too good to be true. She was OK with what I offered for rent. She has a dog, and I told her about Minnie and Vegas. We wrote back and forth a couple of times, and I've been waiting to hear from her for hours. This is why I did not let myself rely too heavily on this lead this time. I made that mistake this past weekend and it ended in disappointment. I'm not going to let that happen again. So even though I wrote a couple times to this person, I am still looking for a place in desperate mode. But no longer will I rely too heavily on any other leads. Because it just puts me in misery when the person decides to change their mind. I haven't heard from this person in hours. And honestly, I don't think I'll ever hear from her again. I might have scared her off. Well! She mentioned sea otters, and I like sea otters. She said she gets to see them from the back door of the cottage. Like I said, it really sounds too good to be true! But then again, so did the place we had in Ocean Shores, at first. That place we spent 4 years in, and would have stayed longer too, if Anna didn't get different ideas!

She sent me a phone number to call her, and when I dialed the number, it wasn't her's. It went to some mortgage or investment company, something like that. So, I was beginning to think this was another scammer. I don't know. I could wait to see if I hear from her again tomorrow. I've been wrong before, I could be again. I'd really like to see this place. If it does turn out to be legitimate, it could be my dream place! I may never want to leave! LOL! But this is supposed to only be temporary. No more than perhaps a year and a half. Then I move to the Oregon coast. I just need a place because I want to be reunited with my babies again, and I want to get my things out of storage. Well, most of that stuff can be sold. But I would like most of my stuff with me again. I mean really! Don't get me wrong, I love my ma and stepfather, and am grateful to them for letting me stay with them for a while. But I don't want to be in their shadow forever. After all, they have their lives and I have mine. And I just know the place they will move into in Reno is not going to be one that allows pets. Knowing them the way I do, that's all they ever move into. And I don't want to move to Reno anyway. I wish ma wouldn't! I may never see her again.

I had another offer from a friend in Texas, if all else fails. And I am so desperate right now, I might just take her up on her offer. I don't like Texas! I haven't been there since I was a little kid, but one thing I remember about it, it was H-O-T!!!! They see, not just days of 100+ degree weather, they see actually weeks, even months, of 100+ degree weather!! Not to mention it is hot there all year round. I wouldn't like that at all. I just escaped from Montana, that was almost that hot. Their summer is almost that extreme. Plus they have tarantulas, scorpions and venomous snakes there aplenty. It scares me. But if she could live there, then perhaps I can too. I just want a temporary place to stay and this friend said I can use her master bedroom. However, I asked her how much would she want for rent, and I haven't heard from her since. I do hope she is OK. I need an answer, or something! If she changed her mind, I'd like to know it.

I tell everyone I "escaped" from Montana. To me, Montana was a prison, and I was an inmate. I was chatting with Katrina, one of my friends here, and I told her I feel like I've been released from prison. If I had stayed in Montana any longer I would have gone crazy. LOL! Katrina knows I'm almost halfway there anyway. I told another friend today, Kimi, that I just escaped from Montana. She was like "what do you mean 'escaped'?" Again, I told her that I feel like I have just been released from a prison. I still feel bad that we left Ocean Shores. We never should have done that! If Anna wanted to move to a more populated area, we should have moved to Seaside. They have more stuff there. Not as much as Bozeman, but enough. More people though means a higher crime rate. That's what I loved about Ocean Shores, there was no crime there. I'd rather live in a town where there is no history of crime and have to travel 20 miles to the best shopping in the area, than live in a town where there is so many people, crowded, and higher incidences of crime. I'm not much liking Olympia. Too many people. That's what I loved about that house we lived in in Ocean Shores. Anna must be a bigger people-person than I thought she was, because she likes cities. I don't. I'd be happy living in an area where my nearest neighbor is miles away. Remoteness is great for me.

I just heard back from the person with the beachfront cottage. She admitted to giving me the wrong phone number. UGH!! And by consequence, someone else already stepped in and rented the place. Darn it! I wonder if she gave them the right phone number. Well, it's just a good thing I did not rely so heavily on this lead. When I realized this afternoon that she must have given me the wrong number, I knew then I was screwed! One way or another.

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