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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Answered Prayers

Well, my prayers were answered. I found a place and it is just about perfect! I love it there! It is fairly close to Ocean Shores, but it is not in Ocean Shores. It's in a town called Brady, and it's a small town. The woman I will be staying with lives in the country and has dogs, cats, chickens and pretty soon, horses. I can hardly wait to move in! The back of the property even has a river running down it. Ma said we both could probably go fishing there. I truly believe with this place, my prayer was answered. It is just about perfect! She took me on a little tour through the property. There is a shop on the property and she showed me in the back of the shop where her brother has his record collection. It looks just like an old used record store!! He has records up the ying-yang!! And that's after having sold about $600 worth to a record store.

Well, I think she and I will get along well. She basically goes her way and I go mine. She loves to eat, I love to cook. And she hates to cook. So I figure I can make this work really well by fixing her dinner and having it waiting for her when she gets home from work. I also get to keep my own dogs. I need to see how this will work. She has a large mutt, and it's crossed with husky, german shepherd and rottweiler, all 3 of those breeds have a very high prey-drive. I'd worry a bit where my dogs are concerned. Minnie is so sweet and easy-going, Vegas will probably scare this dog to death. I just cannot wait till I can get back together with my babies. It's been like Hell without them.

This place is just perfect for me and I love animals. I can easily take care of the chickens, dogs and horses while she is at work. The cats UGH!! Having them running around the house is something I am just going to have to get used to, as I don't really like cats in the house. But that is just a minor thing. I mean, I've lived with cats before. I guess I can do it again. It's just going to take me a while to adjust to it. At least they aren't no damn tabbies!! One of them in fact looks like a cat I used to have when I was 7 years old. I also love the fact we have all that marine air coming in from the ocean. I miss that. So it doesn't get too hot there. In fact, piddling around that house today, I was chilled! And it was hot in Olympia today. So that was a relief!

Seems my prayer was answered. I saw another house in Puyallup, and the woman there also breeds yorkshire terriers. But really, that was about the only thing I liked about that household. I don't really like Puyallup, and she has a man living with her and I would have had to share the bathroom with him. That would have sucked!! They seemed like a nice enough couple, but compared to the woman I met today, she was a stick-in-the-mud. This woman, her name is Patti, she seems like the fun-loving type. I like that. She doesn't even mind it that I have some bouts of depression. She said whenever I feel depressed to just let her know and she'll find ways of taking me out to have some fun. I'll tell you, she sounds like a LOT of fun! I'm going to love it there! I may never want to leave actually. It's like screw Seaside! LOL! I've found my place! She's also OK with my sister coming over for the holidays. So that's cool. I think even my sis would love it there! It is just such a lovely place. It's like a miniature wonderland!

Well, I've already left some of my baggage there, and I will be moving in as soon as I can get my bed over there, which will be this Saturday. My room is actually quite large. It has a lot of closet space. I just cannot wait! I am so excited, I may not be able to sleep tonight! Thank you GOD for answering my prayers favorably!!!


mikessa said...

i'm so proud of you :))))) Let me know after you move in so that I can have your new address in my book.

TimGal said...

I will definitely give you my new addy.