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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Got Another Lead!

Well, I got another lead for someone looking for a roommate. It's closer to Ocean Shores too. So I will love the area. There are just a couple of problems I have with the place. One, the person living there has a pit bull. Even though she says her pit bull is nice and friendly, they can still occasionally snap. I'll have to not let it out at the same time with my babies. It's not so much the pit bull I fear. It's Vegas. Vegas might try to charge at it, and if the pit bull is having a bad day, it could be disasterous for Vegas. Another thing, she's young and has a boyfriend also living there, and the one and only bathroom is shared among us all. One of the reasons I never got serious about getting married is because I HATE sharing my bathroom with a man. When I spoke to this young woman, she told me if she could find someone to turn part of the one bedroom into a bathroom she would do it, because she too hates sharing a bathroom.

Thinking about all this, maybe this isn't the best lead for me. Even though it is closer to Ocean Shores. I think perhaps I should keep looking. Though my search should be put on hold while I do this job. This job is going to last a month, and I need to be where I can easily get to and from work. I am getting a little bit depressed, not being able to have my babies with me. And when I want to see them, I cannot because I have to have permission from the people who have them now to come and see them, and they do not always answer their inbox messages right away. Don't get me wrong, they are great people. I am very appreciative to them for taking care of my babies. It's just that they're so busy, and it's frustrating when I want to see Minnie and Vegas. I just cannot wait till we are all together again. But perhaps this lead just is not for me. I might have to be a little bit picky in this case just because. But I am going to look at the place tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I will be compatable with it. I feel like I need to see the situation before I commit.


The place was rented to someone else. Somehow I am not too disappointed. The person seems nice and all, and she did wish me well in my search, but those things working against me, and the fact I still do not have money for a down payment, well, I guess it just isn't my time yet.

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