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Friday, September 7, 2012


we're soooo happy you're gone!

Thanks! I'm happy to be gone too! :P

You incredibly ugly beast. So happy we are free of your ugliness.

Thanks! You're ugly too! LOL!

You know who this is.

I wasn't sure at first, but thanks for that clue that gave you away. HAHA!! XD

Not even at gunpoint would a man be able to get an erection looking at your horror of a body.

Several men already have. In fact, 3 since I put on weight. It ain't impossible! ;P

Of course, you eat pussy anyway. (This is my favorite comment!)

LOL! And you choke on your dad's dick. ;)

Only a bull dyke would have the facial hair your carry.

And if this is who I think it is, this is the last idiot to talk about someone else having facial hair. LOL!

Now it is time to get your mentally retarded sister out of Montana.

Spoken by someone who barely talks at all. It takes a retard to know a retard. LOL!

It's gonna happen.

Seriously, is this a threat? I recommend my "mentally retarded sister" turn this in to the police. Threatening someone is a crime.

Good riddance, dogface !!

Thank you again, dogs are cute! I don't mind having the face of one. LOL! :P

GOD how I wish I had accepted his comment. But at the time, I did not see the threat to my sister. Otherwise I would have. But if this person wants to piss and moan at me, do it here, on my blog. I accept all comments. I cannot accept anonymous comments, you have to have a google account. But I do accept all comments. hehehe!


mikessa said...

Now that is funny :) The person who wrote it is a frickin' coward. This may be a threat, but I am looking at this as just a dumbass who has nothing better to do, just like the rest of your youtube posts.

TimGal said...

Yeah, YouTube is full of losers.

katrina said...

'your mentally retarded sister' what kind of a fucking moron would write something like that???????????? heres a tip for that meat head, anna has more brains in her little fingernail than that butthole will ever have in its head, or its children's heads or it's grandchildrens heads, and any great grandchildren after them will never have the brains or mentality anna has. fuck this asshole and all his descendants!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway it is good to have you back home again tg.

TimGal said...

It's good to be back home Katrina. I missed you all. How is the pregnancy coming along? I'll be able to phone you tomorrow.