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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Again!

Well, I'm home again, I made it safely home. Before I came home, and actually we had just barely got started loading my truck with my things, Andy DiSanti was in the office and I was getting on the elevator. Well, he was PISSED!!!! LOL! He was holding a copy of my blog and he had this evil, possessed look on his face and asked me "Did you write this?!?!?!!!" I said "Yes I wrote it!" He gnashed his teeth, growled and began bumping my body with his own. YUK!!! And he had some wicked-ass body odor too!! He just basically got up in my face, growling, and bumping at me. I think he was trying to get me to hit him. But I didn't. I let him do all the raging, while I just basically stood there, almost laughing at him. He would walk out of the elevator, then turn and charge at me again. I'd be standing in there thinking "OMG! Here he comes again, hold your nose! Quick!" I'll tell you, he STUNK!!! His smell knocked me out more than anything else could have. He didn't even bump me that hard. But when he tried to grab me, I pushed his hand away and I told him, as seriously as I could, that if he ever puts his hands on me, he was gonna be done for! He gave me one last growl and backed away. LOL! I was surprised that Andy was surprised! He knew I don't like him, and he should know that was his own choice. It's his own fault I don't like him either.

The only things about Andy's little tantrum that bothered me was that he tried to put his hands on me, and most of all, that he STUNK!!! It was almost like the odor was caked onto his body, it was so gross!! I should rename him Andy DiStinky. I just wanted him away from me. I didn't want his smell to rub off on me! As soon as that animal was back in his cage, I was able to resume putting my things in the truck, so I could head on home. Not even Andy and a gallon of sweat from his body was able to ruin my happy day. I continued work with a big grin on my face and a smile in my step. Andy thought he was going to shut me up. He thought he was going to get me to erase everything I wrote about him in my blog here. But he didn't. If anything, he's just given me more power. I have free speech rights, but Andy has NO right to put his hands on me. For that, he will pay. I'm not letting him off the hook at all. Other people might forgive him, but I will not and we have it on film, him going into a rage and putting his hands on my sis. He cannot deny it now. It's been shown to the police. The police are on my side too. I even told them about my blog, and what I said about Andy, and they agree that is free speech.

Funny little tidbit, I was waiting outside some time after, my sis was going to get the car to put my computer in, and I just happened to be reading a sign that was up on the window beside me. Mike came out and saw me distracted by that sign. I think he thought I was crying or bitter or something, I don't know. But I was not feeling either. He looks at me with a bit of a sarcastic smirk, and asked me in a somewhat sarcastic tone "What's the matter?" I looked at him and answered "Not a thing." and smiled at him. The one thing that was most important over all else was I was going home. Nothing else mattered. As long as I did not smell like Andy. Well, that evening, after everything was packed up and into the back of the truck, I parked the truck at Walmart there in Bozeman, and I got a chance to call some family and friends back here at home. I told all of them about the incident with me and Andy. One of my best friends said "You should have kicked his nuts off!" To tell you the truth, that did not even cross my mind, or believe me, Andy would have been floored quickly. But then I don't know, I don't think he would have even felt it, his dick is so tiny. Any man that would even think of striking a woman has got to have a microscopic penis. He did not strike me, but I'm sure he would have.

My ma was the most pissed off. She asked me if I called the police and I told her that I went to the station after I was finished loading, and gave them the video we took. The police know Andy. I cannot discuss his background here, but it is a very interesting background! How he managed to get a place at this apartment complex is beyond my realm of knowledge!! Well, ma wanted me to call 911 because she said she "wants that idiot arrested". You know I think Andy thinks he's a gorilla! He literally acts like one sometimes, and the way he charged at me was like an angry gorilla! But gorillas are cute! Andy is not cute at all. That was the closest I've ever been to him before and he stinks!! Before he walked away, after attacking my sis with the camera, he shouted at us "LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!" I just laughed at him when he said that. As if my weight has anything to do with his being an asshole. Anna shouted back "YOU go lose some weight!" I said "Yeah, and take a bath, you STINK!!!" I don't think anyone heard me though. I was almost out the door when I said it because we were moving something at the time.

Well, I am so glad to be away from that zoo! Of course not everyone there is bad, I left some friends behind. I miss Karen a lot. I also miss Dianne and Irma, and I do also miss Deb. Not so much her husband though. You know I think he has taken to growling at me too, like a dog. LOL! Lois is borderline, she's generally nice though. I just don't like the double standards there. That was basically what drove me out of there. The thing is, we should never have moved away from Ocean Shores in the first place. Now, Anna's moving back worries me. I know she can take care of herself, but still. Now that I am not there, there may be some reverse animosity aimed towards her. I gave Anna the mace can, and told her to keep it with her. But I want full reports of what is going on there as long as Anna is living there. Now that I know about the kind of people who generally live in subsidized housing, I don't want to live in another one of those kinds of projects. Not unless I can have my own exit, where I can just open the door and let my dogs run out into the yard and let them go to the bathroom that way. I don't want to interact with anyone anymore. Those kind of places are always too full of drama. And I'll be damned if I ever want to see another Kim H. Or Andy D, or any of those kinds of lunatics!!

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