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Monday, September 10, 2012

I Never Said This Would Be Easy

I never said finding a place would be a breeze, and in fact it's been very rough. The reason is because I have Vegas and Minnie. Well, I'm going to get Minnie registered as a therapy animal. I did get her because of depression, and having her makes me feel better. Vegas would not really qualify as a therapy animal. He barks way too much! LOL! Well, he's my baby boy. I've had him since he was born. I love him a lot, and I love Minnie too. This past week, getting in touch with the people who have them has been difficult, but at least I found out why. They had doctor's appointments several days last week and the appointments are in Seattle. So they had to drive all that way and by the time they got home, it was late and they were tired. So they could not return my calls. Well, at least I know my babies are taken care of very well. I was feeling down when I could not see them. But I made up for it this weekend, I spent a lot of time with them, and got to hug and kiss them both again. I sure do miss having them with me. But the landlord here will not even entertain the notion of having pets in this house. All because the previous tenants had pets and they messed up the carpet. That is why I sooooooo hate irresponsible people. More than anything!!

Well, either way I am so glad to be away from some of the weirdos back in Bozeman. The only thing I truly feel bad about is my sis living there all by herself without me. Some of the people there have been taking their anger and rage out on her that they feel for me. But Anna, GOD love her, she's not letting it get to her. I'm so proud of her. No one has any right to take any of their frustration out on her. They want to get pissed off, keep it focused on me. But LEAVE ANNA ALONE!!! She didn't do anything to any of you! I have my fun with comments like the one I got on YouTube by one of them. LOL!! That one made my day! Especially the part about eating pussy, and "good riddance dogface!!" LOL!! I had to laugh at those! I like dogs, their faces are adorable. That is also what makes lemurs so cute is their dog-like faces. So being called "dogface" does not bother me in the slightest. If someone wants to insult me by using an animal, they're going to have to do FAR worse than that! And it's not going to be easy. hehehe! :) I've been called it all. A whale, a hog, a pig, a cow, a hippo, a horse, an elephant, even a dog. None of those bother me at all because they are all animals I love, and I find a lot of positive, good things in those animals too. There is only one group of animals that if anyone ever referred to me as them it would really piss me off. And no one would ever guess what they are, because it would be the last group of animals you would expect to be insulting to anyone. But to me, they are. Very much so!

Most of the time, I just laugh at people who try to piss me off, because it's not that easy to piss me off in the first place. Its funny though watching a bunch of butt-hurt people try so hard though. I'd been down though for the most part only because I miss my babies. But seeing them today, I feel so much better. I feel rejuvenated and happy again. Well the people back in the apartments in Bozeman all hate my guts now, but really, I don't even care. I was told about the person who sent the pages from this blog to them, and I know who it was. That is why I won't let any of this get me down or shut me up. I never allow anything that the dirty dozen starts take over any portion of my life. I've come to expect a lot of backlash when it comes to my blog, I've learned to live with it. If I lose friends then oh well! LOL! They were never real friends in the first place. Besides I am not a people-person. Never have been. At least I haven't been since I've been in the third grade. Too bad the dirty dozen didn't reveal my blog to them sooner. Actually, I thought they already knew about my blog! I went into the dog park almost daily saying "I've just been writing about this in my blog". But by the time the dirty dozen had revealed it to them, I was already almost on my way out. So :p Too bad for them. But keep getting me more views! It gets me more money. :) And yes, I am still very comfortable in my position of free speech. Anna is a strong person too, just like me. She's used to crazies. She went to school with a lot of them, as she reminded me of today. Sometimes I wish I was back there with her, because there is safety in numbers. But she assured me I need not worry. Well, if I didn't like her, I wouldn't worry. But I do, so I worry. LOL!

Well, I never said finding a place was going to be easy. I had one in my midst, I told everyone about it. It was a roommate situation, and the guy lived on 10 acres just outside of Port Angeles. When I wrote to him, he sounded like a fun person, had a cute sense of humor. He wanted to meet, so we set up a time and place and were going to meet each other there at a specified time. We made all the arrangements, I was willing to go through with it, all was ready. I was sure we would get along good with each other, but then he dropped a sudden bomb. Apparently, he did not do all the research before contacting me about being a roommate, and I didn't find out until the last minute. He told me that he'd been thinking about it and talking to a friend of his at the police station, and said so many people had been screwed over by roommates. I tried to assure him I had no intention of screwing him over. Then he was like "Yes, one person always ruins it for everyone." Again, blame irresponsible people. This sounded like the perfect setting too! It was remote, and he was hardly ever home. So basically I would have had the place to myself. More or less. And he was fine with me having 2 dogs running around. I told him thanks alot anyways (for ruining my weekend). I told him I understand where he's coming from, but I just wish he had done all that research before contacting me and making the deal. I don't need games played on me now, I need a place to stay. I got no time for games or to deal with people who don't know what they are getting into having a roommate. And I am hardly any trouble at all. I mostly keep to myself. I probably would rarely have ever left the room. Except to put the dogs out, and go walking occasionally.

My time looking for a home was put on hold, because of his offer. So I was very disappointed when he suddenly wrote saying he changed his mind. I don't mind living with my ma and stepfather, but soon they are going to be moving to Reno. I know they are. And I also know damn well that they are going to pick an apartment that does not allow pets. They always do. They are in Reno now looking at places. I know they are going to come back and say they found a place. And without even asking, I know the place they choose is not going to allow pets. I don't think I am going to like Reno one iota more than I liked Montana. One of the reasons I wanted to get away from Montana was because the summers were too hot and the winters were too cold. Reno is no better! I want to say I hope they don't find a place, but that would be selfish of me. I don't want to go there! But that is why I am trying hard to expedite finding a place of my own. And I am trying! If nothing else works, I will live in ma's van with my dogs. LOL! Really, I am serious. It's a big ol' van. Put a matress in the back and I'd be fine. It'll do fine until I can get myself an RV. Then I am really on the road!


mikessa said...

Thats what you REALLY should do. Save your money every month and get yourself an RV, ANYKIND OF RV!!! Go to the Oregon coast, there practically giving them away there. I kind of wanna go there myself and get one too.

TimGal said...

That's what I really want is an RV. I'd love nothing more than to have one. Just buy myself a PO box to recieve letters, and pack all my belongings into an RV and just live on the road. Travel from one park to another. Set roots nowhere. Just go with the flow. Where ever the wind takes me! LOL! And there I go being all dramatic and philosophical again. hehe! ;)

mikessa said...

Yeah, get yourself a PO box. Find a home office, someplace you plan on visiting a lot. I think you were born to live on the road, same with me. Park someplace, stay as long as you like, and then move on.

TimGal said...

Yup, that is my dream life. I'd love that!