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Monday, September 24, 2012

Made It!

Well, I made it to my new  place. Right now, I am typing this blog on my tablet because I have my computer in storage. But for now, I seem to be doing very good. I have lived here now for 2 days, and I am still trying to get accustomed. It's not easy! But in the end, I have farm fresh eggs. And let me tell you, you ain't had eggs until you've had them straight from the farm. No chemicals, hormones or preservatives! I am still trying to work out a routine that will be comfortable for the both of us. For example, today Patti had to work. Poor gal was running from Aberdeen and back and again to Montesano. So I decided to take over kitchen duties. No matters to me, I love working in the kitchen anyway. The only thing I don't like out here are the bugs, and I have to leave at least one door open so her cats can go in and out at will. So every bug in the area takes it as an open invitation to come in! Thats just one of those things I'll have to adjust to. But I won't be baking any cakes soon! I can't! Before I could even get the icing on, it'll have a smorgasbord of flying insects stuck to it! LOL!

I'll be fine, I just need to adjust is all. Having a roommate that is also kinda set in her ways as much as I am, is something I am just not used to. But now the thing about putting dirty pet dishes where I prepare food for us is another thing. I'll have to discuss it with her. The chickens roam the grounds all day, and leave crap everywhere. Patti's dog's dish is out there too, which is fine, but I need to speak to her about bringing it in and putting it on the kitchen counters. That's dirty! I am not used to that. If  Anna had done that, I'd be screaming. Patti is not used to screaming, so I have to try an approach it with a little more finesse.

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