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Saturday, September 15, 2012

New INXS Emerging

Well yesterday Ciaran Gribbin announced to all his friends and fans on Facebook that he is now working in the studio with Andrew and Kirk creating more songs for INXS. YIPPEEE!!! New songs from INXS at long last!! And I hope he does mean NEW songs. Not INXS rehashing their old songs. Well, Ciaran is a good guy. I like him a lot. Maybe even better than JD in some ways. JD was a great singer, and most likely still is. But I like Ciaran because he actually interacts with his fans. On Facebook, he has actually "liked" some of my posts. He doesn't seem stuck up or full of himself like other celebs are. I haven't actually met the guy, but I have interacted with him several times on Facebook. He seems real nice too. And besides that, he is a great singer. INXS made a great choice picking him to be their lead singer. I only hope it lasts this time and they don't just chuck him away like they did JD. So if Ciaran is in the studio with INXS's top writers now, creating new songs to be sung, I say Go for it! Best of luck to all of you! I cannot wait to hear these new songs.

The downfall to all of this is that INXS may not be going on tour in the USA ever again. That would suck!! I missed out on the last concert that came here because my silly sis wanted to move to Bozeman. Sometimes I could just strangle her for even suggesting moving there! LOL! But anyway, INXS has lately done most of it's touring in Australia, not abroad. I don't know why. I guess because the guys feel they are getting too old to travel. They may be older, but they are still good. And good-looking too. Timmy is still as handsome as he always was. Well, he is to me. hehe! I just hope that they keep this guy Ciaran. Some people don't like him, but I think he's great. Hopefully he will take INXS in directions they've never been before. And I do hope they decide to come to the USA again soon. I missed their last tour, but hopefully I will get another chance, and this time have a chance to hear Ciaran sing live.

Well, usually a move means I won't be writing much in this blog, but I have been keeping tabs on where I've been looking for places. Ma is getting as desperate as I am to get me out of this house. Believe me when I say I want out of here as bad as she wants me out, if not more so! I'd rather have my own place where I can have my own dogs and live happily ever after. Here, I have nothing. I have no room of my own, no privacy when I need it, no dogs, nothing. I don't even have my own place to keep food. Every square inch of this house is in use. They have food items that are expired and are keeping them. What for? I don't know. There is a can of biscuits in the fridge that exploded out the bottom, and it is still in there now, stuck like cement to a compartment on the door.

Grandma was a hoarder as well. Now I am afraid I may be on the path to hoarding myself. I collect paper items. I have pictures that I made over the course of years still stashed away. They are what makes up about 3/2rds of what is in my bins. Why I keep them, I don't know. Most of them have no significance. I just keep them just in case. As for the apartment search, ma says I should probably start looking in other places besides the coast. It's going to be hard. The coast is where I want to move to. I keep hoping and praying something will turn up. I got another offer yesterday for a duplex in Brinnon, which is a town I've never even heard of. But the person who wrote me sounded a lot like a scammer. Her message was very vague, and when I tried to get more info from her, she was like "Oops! I'm sorry I rented the place already." I was like "Yeah, I bet you never had a place to begin with!" There is only one other place I'd want to move to beside the coast, it's an area I am sure I can also get Anna to agree to move to. I've been trying to find something there, but it's been not so easy. The problem is the pets. Most people nowadays don't want to allow pets in rentals. You can thank irresponsible people for that too! I hate irresponsible people!! More than any other kind of people in the world!! That's why this landlord won't allow pets in this building, because the previous tenants had pets (probably cats and big dogs) that tore up the place. This house had to be completely redone inside. So she said no pets. That sucks!!! So now my dogs have to stay with someone else. I cannot even cuddle them anymore.

I spoke to ma today and she never mentioned anything about finding an apartment there in Reno. Maybe they didn't. I need to stay in town here at least until my job is finished. I hope I can, and I hope I am still getting along well with ma and John by the end of that job. I try to be a perfect angel here, and stay out of their way for the most part, but it's rather hard when you don't have your own room. Nowhere to go for complete privacy.

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