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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Wow! This is Awesome!!!

I was just writing earlier this morning about how GOD wants me here for a while longer, and I could not figure out why. Well, guess what happened. I got a JOB!!! It's selling Smartphones. I get a free Smartphone, plus $12 an hour. I get to keep the Smartphone at the end of the job too. Well, I figure I can sell the Smartphone. I can get $250 for it easily, unused. I figure the money from this job will help me get a new place. Maybe even an RV. That would be cool!! I can at least get some things that I will need.

My sis and I have been chatting a lot back and forth. I told her about my religious experience last night. She's been trying to find another place too. She said living in that building was never meant to be permanent. The roommate deal that she had going this weekend fell through, and that is a shame! I know she wants out of that place as much as I did. Not out of Montana, just out of that apartment. I was hoping the roommate deal would stay, but that guy already found someone else and he could not allow Odessa to move in. Bummer! It's so easy to get tired of living in a place where you are surrounded by so many crazy people. That's why I know Anna wants out of there.

Oh and here's a pip, apparently I am supposed to be "jealous" of Yvette! LOL! That's what she said. In order for me to be jealous of anyone, they would have to have something that I don't have that I want more than anything. That would be a remote oceanfront cottage on the west coast. Has she got it? I don't think so. What has she got? Not a smidgen of talent that I have. She made some cute earrings and sold them at the yard sale. Big deal! I've made better earrings myself from scratch. She has 2 kitties, which I don't want at all, and loony friends like Kim H. who is dumber than a box of rocks and uses her as a security blanket to hide her evil actions. The only person I could imagine being jealous of her would be Lady Gaga, because she is so loony she makes Lady Gaga seem normal. I not only made my own jewelry, I write stories for children and young adults, I can cook anything from scratch and it'd be good, I do sculptures, and I have my Metazoic website that has been praised by big-name scientists including Dougal Dixon and David Attenborough. Top that one!

Really, it's a sin to envy anyone. Its one of the 10 commandments that you shall not envy what your neighbor has. Well, it's not worded in that particular way, but that's the jist of it. So really, I envy no one. Well, I told Kathy that I envy her because she has Casey, he's such a cute and funny little guy! I really miss him. I miss Kathy too, she was pretty cool. But really, I could get a pomeranian if I wanted to, and I did used to have some, I had 3 of them in fact at one time. They're one of my favorite breeds. I used to have a friend that raised poms, and had every color you could ever imagine in poms, including wolf-sable, marked like a little miniature keeshond. I always said one of these days, I was going to get a pom colored like that. Someday I will too. She wants a lot for those too. Last time she had them, she was selling those for $800, and that was back in 2001. That was the last time I saw her too. I found out though that she still lives in Lakewood and still breeds pomeranians, and has some cuties too. She's even helping a friend of her's raise chihuahuas. I think while I am here, I will get back in touch with her. LOL! See how she's doing.


mikessa said...

I'm glad you got the job. Now you can get yourself an RV.

TimGal said...

YES!!! I'd love to have an RV!