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Friday, September 21, 2012

That Old, Itchy Feeling Inside

I've got that now. That itchy feeling you get when you cannot wait for something. Well, I cannot wait to move out! The guy who has Minnie and Vegas, he called me last night and asked me if I wanted to come and see them. Ma was standing right there and I asked her if it was OK. She has to take me. Now that they are home, I cannot use the van anymore. She looked at me and shouted "Right NOW???!!!!" I didn't want to get into it with this man on the phone, so I just told him that now would probably not be a good time to. I think he heard ma yell. LOL! I just told him I found a place and will be coming for my babies on Saturday. He said that's OK, and he will let my little ones know I found a place and we will be together again. I just cannot wait to see them again.

You know ma told me that she had also been doing a lot of praying as well. She prayed that this would all work out for the better. It may have even been ma that clinched the deal. Patti was discussing turning the cable off next month. I told her that's fine because I found I don't watch much TV anyways. Not lately. She happened to mention she likes watching a lot of British TV with ma sitting there. Ma and I looked at each other and I said "Ma! Another soul-mate for you!" LOL! All of a sudden, she and ma were talking all about British programs that they both like. So she and ma hit it off very well! But Patti told me she was glad I decided to move in. And I like her. I really do, she's pretty cool. And I love the place I will be staying. It's BIG!! And it's on a farm with a river running out back. My kind of place! Patti doesn't even care that I don't have my security deposit now! That is what leads me to believe this was sent by GOD! Since I don't have my security deposit yet. She said she's willing to work with me on that.

Now, the people from my last apartment are saying they don't know how much I will be getting back. I know the oven door needed more cleaning, but they are also saying I left a big stain on the carpet. I was like "WHAT???" That carpet was professionally cleaned, and they got the receipt. There was NO stain on that carpet anywhere! Unless they put it there after I left. I don't know, but that would be the only way there would be stains on that carpet. Generally if you get a professional to clean it, it's going to be done good. Anyway, they are now way past the deadline of 10 days, and I got no written letter saying why I won't get my security deposit back, so they are obligated to give it all to me. That's the law, even in Montana! Now, watch them try to weedle out of that. I know they will! I lived there long enough to know a lot of their dirty little secrets.

Well, thanks to GOD, I no longer am totally reliant on that security deposit coming back. Patti is so sweet, she's motivated to work with me on that. I'm telling you, this place was a GOD send!! Sometimes I seem so happy it scares me. The joy of having my own space again, having my babies back with me, and the area it's self almost seems like a dream come true. Almost like it's too good. I keep pinching myself shouting "Hey! Wake up!!" Kinda like those dreams where I am getting large sums of money, and I can actually feel it in my hands. I can also feel myself getting excited too. Then I wake up, and I feel so low because it is then I realize it's only a dream. LOL! I keep waiting for myself to wake up from this one too. But I know this is the real thing, this is GOD answering my prayer. And with ma also having prayed for me, I know that doubled the power. I'm glad I waited. Of course having a remote beachfront cottage would have been better, but living on a farm with a lot of animals, that's the next best thing for me. And the place is just dreamy too!

The moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of GOD!


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