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Thursday, September 13, 2012

When To Make The Move

Ahh! This waiting is killing me. But I think it's better if I not only wait for the security deposit from my old apartment to come back, but also the money I will be making on this job. That will give me more. Besides, I am not 100% certain I will be getting my entire security and pet deposits back. There was still that oven door I was not able to totally wipe clean. But I tried everything! Except a razor blade. Moving to Montana was just the biggest damn mistake I ever made in my life. It messed me up in every way. Including mentally. I guess that's what happens when you move to some place you just don't belong. Damn summers were just too hot and dry for me. I hated it! And the winters were cold and dry too. I just cannot handle those kind of extremes.

Well, I am finding out some interesting things about this place. You know what they have at the Wendy's here? They have 100+ flavors of soda. Sometimes I go there just for the soda machine. It's got one of those big touchscreens where you just touch an image of a flavor and it dispenses it in your soda. Way to go! I don't normally spend that much time in fast food places, but I want to try all 100+ flavors while I can. Except for peach, I never saw the point in peach-flavored soda! YUK!!! In all those flavors the one I don't see is huckleberry. And that's the one main thing I miss about Montana! I used to be able to just go a few blocks and there was a place I could get a huckleberry soda. I think it's strictly a Montana product. I ain't ever going back to Montana again! Not unless I have to. And it would have to be for a damn good reason!

I followed another lead this morning (yes, I still have to look), it was a lone house with one bedroom and one bathroom, and it sounded great. The landlord was going to let me keep my babies, and the house was just big enough for one person. It was also in my price range. The problem was that they require that I make 3 times the rent amount each month, and I don't do that. That alone is what is going to make finding a place of my own nearly impossible. Shoot!! I don't want to move to Reno! I just escaped Montana!! Moving to Reno is going to put me right back in that hole again!! WAAA!!! Maybe I will get lucky and ma and John will change their mind and decide to move to Salem again instead. Pray for a miracle!

I know this much, when it comes to the Oregon coast, I've learned to avoid any ads from Willett Investments. They're only great if you don't have any pets. Most of their rental homes and apartments do not allow pets at all. My ma said what I should do is look for people giving away fixer mobiles instead. She knows how to fix them up and she can help me a bit. She can tell me what to do and I'll do the work. I'm fairly good with a hammer and screwdriver. I've worked with them before when I built my bird cages. Those would have been finished too, if only I had been able to get some acrylic to go on the sides.

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