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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life Gets Better From Here On Out

Well, I made it! I am now officially an RV owner. Actually this is a camper trailor. I've always wanted to know what it's like to live in an RV, and for at least the next 3 years, I will learn. At the end of that 3 year period, this RV will be mine! I plan to purchase a van and haul this tin can all over the coastline. Who knows? I may see places I've never seen before. After I have seen every place there is to see on the coast, I might decide to purchase some land and rent this RV to other people. It'd be great for a student. If I can put it on a piece of land of my own, I can get $600 a month for it easy! Thats another thing I've always wanted to do, own some rental property. I used to see the commercials about how to start a rental business and I would dream about it. This would be an excellent start into a business like that. I hope to be fair with my tenants, and allow pets as well. I always like to say I am pet friendly because I do love animals, and I also understand how much other people love their pets. I'd have to limit the pet deal however to only a small dog. No cats and no big dogs. Nor medium-sized dogs. hehe. Well!! I want to be pet friendly but cats are very destructive, and so are big dogs. When I had cats, they messed up all my carpets. Fortunately my family owned the house and I had a shampooer I was able to get it all out, but it showed me that cats are every bit as messy as big dogs are. Only my chihuahuas, and Minnie, have been easy-going and non-destructive. So sometimes I can understand why a lot of people who rent don't want to allow pets. Service animals are another thing, one has to allow that. You know there is an ad on Craigslist by someone who wants to rent a camper, and does not want to allow pets. The ad says "Not even service animals". That's illegal. That would be denying a disabled person a home just because they have to have a service animal.

Well, all this is just a dream right now, but looking ahead, it might come true. Maybe someday. But anyway, no matter what, I am getting a taste of what it's like to live in an RV. It's what I always wanted to experience! I'm trying to fix up this place for winter because believe me, it gets COLD in here!!! The first couple of days after I moved in here, I didn't have a heater, and it was freezing out! In order to get warm, I had to stay under my bed covers and cuddle with the dogs up against me. Well, Vegas was bred as a lap-warmer. That's the purpose Chihuahuas served before they became popular housepets. When it's cold, I even find Minnie stays under the covers. She usually does not like the covers. So the second evening, I went to this little RV parts store and got myself a space heater. It's wonderful and made specifically for RVs. But it's small. So my father came up and visited this past week and he brought me the oil heater that he kept in his camper. So I keep that out now and keep it going and it stays nice and warm in here. BTW, my father said not to worry about what Kathy said about me. Those are her feelings, not his. Looks like Kathy and I will never really get along. I don't want to hurt my father's feelings, so I will try to be nice. Won't be easy though. But I've done nice things to people who I didn't like several times. No matter how nasty and mean I try to sound on here, I always try to be nice no matter what. I don't want to deliberately hurt anyone.

Well, now that we got it warmer in here, there is another thing I need to adjust on: the size. This is a 35-foot long RV, but it is still small inside. There are no slide-outs at all. Campers usually do not have them. At least not when this thing was new. This is a 1995 model trailor. But everything in here is tiny! Small spaces, small doorways. I barely have the room I have for the oil heater, which is why the little space heater is such a better option. But it doesn't get everything as warm as quickly as the oil heater. Me, being so darned fat, I can fit through the doorways, but if I ever get any wider, I won't be able to. LOL! Campers were not made with fat people in mind. But I hardly eat here so I don't think there is much chance I will get wider. And since I catch the bus everywhere now, I do more walking than average. Maybe I'll even lose weight. Who knows? Really, it doesn't matter to me. I'm actually almost afraid to lose weight. If I lose weight, I'll probably be gorgeous again, and you know what that will mean. I could be kidnapped, raped, maybe even murdered. I don't know though, maybe not if I stayed here. My neighbors here will look after me, so I was told. The manager here is also very nice. But poor thing, her illness gets in the way. When I moved in, she told me she would take me and another woman out that she wants me to meet. She never said exactly when she wants to do that, she just said the next day. Well, the next day came, and she got sick. And I needed to go out for a few things. She could not go, so she said she would do it the next day, and I said OK. Well, the next day came and went, and she was so sick she had to go to the hospital. I told her not to worry about it then, I'll just go out myself. I told her to just concentrate on getting herself better. I haven't bothered her about it since. And I still have not met this woman she said I should meet. But I suppose we will happen on one another someday soon. So whenever I need to go someplace, I either walk, take the bus or take a cab. Depending on how far I need to go and what I need to do! Obviously if I need to shop for the month, I cannot walk. Not unless I can get myself one of those roll-away carts. I have plenty of food supplies though. A lot of it I still have left over from when I lived in Bozeman.

Well, all of this is new to me, I am still working on getting used to it here. And getting used to living in an RV. It'll take a lot of patience and time. I thought my first night here that I was not going to like it at all. But then I have thought that for every new home we have moved into in the past, and usually after a while, I wind up loving it so much I don't want to leave. Except in the case of when we moved to Lakewood and when I moved to Bozeman. I knew I would not like Bozeman! This place is somewhat like Bozeman only better! I have the mountains behind me and the ocean in front of me. I love the area for sure! But until I actually have had a chance to get used to living in an RV, I cannot say for sure if I am going to love this or not. It'll take a while to see if I really do like this, or if it's just not for me. I hope to learn to love it. The most important thing though is now I have my dogs back with me where they belong. That was the main thing I had trouble adjusting to. That was the only thing I hated about leaving Patti's house! Knowing I would not be able to cuddle my babies again for a long while. That was depressing to me. But now we are all together again, and that will help me a lot in my adjustment. Been good having them back with me again. I had so much lost time with them to make up for. Not that I didn't think they were well taken care of, I mean those people that took them in were very good to them. After a while they really did not want to give them back to me. But it's just that I wanted them with me. I wanted to be able to hold them and cuddle them whenever I wanted to. I wanted to feel them licking my arms, and my face again when they felt like it, I wanted to see their sweet little faces and see their little tails waggling. That is why if I ever get rental property, I will never deny someone else their small dogs as I was. As long as the owner is responsible. Really though, those are very hard to find. Not everyone is as responsible a pet owner as I am!

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