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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take My Picture

This past Saturday I finally finished a job at the Walmart in Yelm that I was doing for Straight Talk and the Make a Wish Foundation. It was a 4-week job and I was getting paid pretty good. The money I made will help me get into my new place. Well, during lunch break, I went to the local gas station to get lunch for me and a friend, who was also there. When I got in line, I was standing behind this one young woman, she looked to be about 20 or 25 years old and was dressed like a whore. First thing I know she has her phone camera raised and I am seeing myself on the screen. Then I realized she had just taken my picture! I don't even know this girl! And she is one of those "all-put-together", very attractive girls. Why in the world would she want a picture of a fat, ugly old crone like me? At least if she would have told me she was taking my picture I could have smiled or said cheese, or something like that. The only reason I can deduce as to why she had taken my pic is she is doing it for one of those websites where they show pics of fat, ugly people like me and allow visitors to laugh, poke and prod at us like we are monkeys in the zoo. Oh well. LOL! I have all kinds of my own pics on the internet. If this chick likes going around and collecting pics of ugly people, I don't mind contributing. I would just have felt better if I'd had a chance to smile or fix myself up for the pic, instead of looking like I had been standing on my feet all morning, trying to flag strangers down at Walmart to talk to them about Straight Talk or their brand of Smartphones. Instead, my face had an expression like "WTF?!?!" hehe!

Its amazing how many people I told this to, and said they would have beat the shit out of that bitch. Even my friend who was back at the Walmart waiting for me said that. That was their words, not mine! LOL! But that is undoubtedly why this young woman did not tell me she was taking my pic. She was afraid I'd beat her up or something. She just snapped the picture and didn't say a word at all. In fact, I did not detect any emotion at all in her face. But I take it she was just being very secretive about what she was doing. But according to the law, it is not illegal to take someone's picture in a public place. Even if it is against their will. If I didn't already have so many pics and videos up on the internet of myself, I would have lost my temper. But ugly as I am, I am obviously not ashamed to show myself to the world. I thought long and hard about doing that LONG before I ever put up any pics of myself on the internet. I knew there would be people poking fun at me and saying all kinds of nasty things, but then I said what the hell?! People do that kind of stuff all the time, and most of the time, chances are very good I'll never meet any of those people. I'll most likely never see that young woman again, ever. So really, nothing she or any of her viewers can ever say would hurt me or bother me. Just a bit of FYI there to those that have ever had this happen.

I am not that easily offended anyway. I used to be when I was younger, but at my current age I think "Oh well. What someone else thinks of me is really none of my concern." That's why I say only friends and family can hurt me. No one else. Friends and family I know I will see again, and family is supposed to support one another. Which reminds me, I may be about to disown my father. He told my sis something that Kathy said to him, and I thought it was very offensive. Kathy is his wife, my stepmom. I was just telling ma and John the other day how nice of a person Kathy is, and now to hear she is saying shit about me when I am not around. It's all about that weekend I spent at dad's place. Well! The first thing he did when I got there was blow his nose on the kitchen hand towel, and I don't tolerate that from no one! I should have up and left right then! Bathroom hand towels are one thing (as long as it's his own bathroom and I don't have to use it), but kitchen hand towels, where food is prepared, I draw the line at that! I mentioned this to ma, and she said he's always done that! I was like "Gross!!! And I grew up with him doing that???" No wonder I was always sick! I always had colds, sore and strep throats growing up. Now I know why! Well Kathy said that if dad ever invites me to stay the night at their place again, she was going to divorce him. Now, my father has a tendency to exaggerate, but I need to confront Kathy with this. Because whatever happened that weekend is none of her business. It's just between me and my father. And my dumb sister was taking Kathy's side in this! That's a pretty horrible ultimatum for Kathy to make considering she only heard one side of the story. Like I said, my father exaggerates. He probably blew everything up all out of proportion. I tried to get along with him while I was there. And he admitted himself that he acted like a pig and apologized for it. I forgave him too, and I never brought it up again.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but once you apologize to someone, and the other person forgives you, you're supposed to never do that thing again you apologized for. That's what I always do. Once someone apologizes, and they are sincere, I forgive them, make up with them, and I never bring it up again. But my father is not like that. He carries a grudge, and carries it, and carries it, and carries it. This will be stuck in his craw until the day he dies I'll bet ya! He brings it up all the time, I don't. I was willing to forgive and forget. Even though my father is a slob, I was willing to just let it all go and maybe start all over again. My ma said he's always resented me, even before I was born he resented me for some reason. I did notice that when we were kids, my father was much more stand-offish with me than he was with my sis. He was also a lot less forgiving with me than he was with my sis. Maybe that is why I am the way I am now. I see men on first sight and I don't trust them. It takes me a long time to trust men, much longer than it takes me to trust women. But after this last weekend's experience, I think I'd better rethink that again. Seems women cannot be trusted any more than men.

Well, I mentioned to ma that if my father chooses Kathy over me, he's going to lose me. I'll not consider him my father anymore. He'll just be a stranger to me. I mean that too. I will hope that Anna respects this too. I need to confront Kathy with this though. I must know. Knowing how much my father exaggerates, Kathy may not have said that. Or she may have said it in a heated moment or something. I need to find out. If that actually turns out to be true, I'll turn to my father and say "OK father. Now you have a choice. You can either accept me and tell Kathy to screw herself, or you can support Kathy's decision and I'll divorce you as my father." And I will too!

I admit it, I am a germaphobe! There are some things I don't take to very well. I like my kitchen to be spotless, and I don't like inner-body secretions that come from unclean areas in certain places in my kitchen. I draw the line at nose and eye snot, urine and shit. I don't want those in my kitchen. I feel if a person is going to blow their nose in the kitchen, DO NOT do it on the hand towels where other people wipe their hands!!! No one wants another person's snot on their hands!! Use a paper towel or a kleenex. That's what they are made for. I thought that was rude and crude of my father to do that while I was preparing food in the kitchen. I expect other people I visit to be the same way I am. I also admit I can never live with a stranger. I tried with Patti. Well, in all fairness, Patti was a lunatic, and she told a lot of lies to get me in there so she would not have to pay the entire cost of the rent. She probably even lied to her brother to get me out of there. She probably pushed him to make the decision to get me out of there. I do not believe for one second that she even tried to make that work out. In all honesty, I think Patti was having withdrawl symptoms related to drug and alcohol abuse. That's why the last 2 days I was there, she was so nasty. She told me she does not drink much. I think she drank far more than she led on. She looked like a morphine addict. I remember her eyes were always so wide and even in the dark, her pupils were very dialated. She probably did that too, and was afraid to do it while I was there knowing I do not drink or do drugs, and if I found out she did them, I'd report her to the police and her workplace. That is why she wanted me out of there and was so hateful the last 2 days.

Oh and to the dirty dozen mob, if you want to report this post to Patti, go for it! :) You know you want to. Without posting private info about her on here, which would get me in trouble, I'll post her ad, and you can e-mail it to her if you want. Be my guest! The ad is still up on Craigslist. Knowing the dirty dozen the way I do, they would never pass up a chance like this. But I don't mind, I want Patti to know I am on to her. Better yet, e-mail the "4-days From Hell" post to her. http://olympic.craigslist.org/roo/3272640600.html

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