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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Christmas Season

Well, any Christmas spirit I had was lost now. The only family I have living near me are my dogs. My sis is living in Montana, my ma is planning to move to Reno. She just sent in the security deposit yesterday. My father still lives in this state, but Kathy, his wife, is bugging him to move to Arizona. If he ever decides to give in to her, I will lose all my family. Rats! I may have no choice but to move back to Montana. But NOT Bozeman!!! I'm going to do what Anna and I should have done to begin with, move to Missoula! It would be funny if I were to beat her there. LOL!! Maybe I can find a rental home that the both of us can afford. It beats living all by myself. Now, my sis cannot make me believe that she does not at least miss living with me and the dogs! That would be ludicris. One of the reasons she even returned from Yellowstone is because she missed the family. I would have a hard time believing that she totally enjoys living by herself. Well, I am expecting her some time before Christmas. Don't know exactly when though. I have a surprise Christmas gift for her. But it will be a gift with certain strings attached, which I will discuss when she gets here. :) Something I got for free, but I don't need, but I know she would get a kick out of.

Well, my road to this place has been rocky, but the important thing is I am here. I am personally glad to be home. I missed it here so much! I did not even think I would like living in this area. I can tell you all, it gets cold as a bitch here! I had so many adventures moving to this place, I cannot even fit it in a short 15-minute video. Not even an hour-long video! So I have decided to write a book about my adventures in moving. I am going to tell EVERYTHING!! I am even going to reveal some things in this book that I have never revealed to anyone before. Things that I have never even written about in this blog. And you know how wild my blogs get! There are some things that I have kept private all these years, I even had to lie to keep them private. Yes, lie! I admit I've been an online liar. But I think it's OK to lie online to keep your privacy. Some people, like the dirty dozen mob, are too nosy. But the things I don't want them to know they will never find out. Not unless they read this book. I mean, anyone can get your address and phone number, even your real birthdate, but there are some things that I have never revealed online. They are mostly things I don't want people to know. Like, do I really have tatoos or not? What did I weigh when I was 19 years old? What made me put on all this weight? What really happened during that 4 days I lived with a roommate? What color are my eyes if I did not wear color-changing contact lenses? Well, most people that know me personally know the answer to the last question anyway. But those are just examples.

I've titled the book the same thing I titled the movies, Adventures in Moving. It will become available on the UMG Productions website. As soon as I can get it up! I am thinking of having my partner do the site all over again. He said he would do it for free. He never started it though. I need to ask him about that.

I can tell you, coming to the library to work on these blogs and stuff is interesting. Just now as I was sitting here, a man got into an argument with a woman right next to me. They exchanged words and called each other names and shit, and these were 2 grown people. Kinda makes me sick when adults act like teenagers. I stayed out of it though. It's none of my business! But it just further puts into prospective that the people of this town are not very friendly. Sometimes I get nervous here. Last night, I heard what sounded like someone throwing something at my door. I think I need to buy a gun! I'd hate to though. We are so close to Bellevue and Bellingham that I think we are getting the scoundrels from there up here. It worries me.

Well, I must wrap this up. I will be putting up the new UMG Productions site soon. Stay tuned!
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