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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playing Devil's Advocate

There is a group I look in on from time to time, and there is this post that keeps coming up. Someone was selling a fancy mongrel pup to someone for the agreed on price of $200. She agreed to meet the buyer in a parking lot. She said the dog was what she calls a "morkie". Someone had to tell me what that is; a cross of yorkshire terrier and maltese. I thought it was Mork and Mindy's lovechild. That's what it sounds like to me. I don't keep up with these mongrel names. I still think they're dumb. They have no meaning, except to the gullible and ignorant. At least the name Yorkshire Terrier means it is a terrier from the Yorkshire region of England. And the name Maltese refers to the region that breed comes from. But to me, "morkie" will always mean nothing but Mork and Mindy's lovechild. LOL! "Morkie" has no meaning. It's just a dumb word mongrel millers use. I hate to say things like this, because the person who was cheated seems like a nice enough person. I'm just sorry she's caught into using these mongrel names as a sales pitch. And that is basically all it is.

But anyway, I am not here to tear any individuals down. She met the person and he gave her a bank-logoed envelope, took the pup in his car and drove away. When she looked in the envelope after he left, she found he had only given her $100. Not the $200 they agreed on. Well, I hate to say this, but I am going to play devil's advocate here and say she got what she deserved. NO ONE should have to pay $200 for a mongrel puppy! I wish more mongrel breeders would have something like that happen to them. Mixed breed puppies should not even be bred! There are WAY too many dogs dying in shelters. I know I really have no room to talk, because when I look for a puppy, shelters are the last places I go, if I go at all. But I have good reason for that. Most of what they have in shelters is mixed breeds (the ones with these dumb mutt names people have been giving them). Slapping a fancy name on a mixed breed dog does not make them more valuable, just as it does not make them any less a mongrel. Any fool who would pay over $100 for a mongrel aught to have their head examined! But this person offered to sell the puppy to this guy for $200, and that was marked down from it's original price, GOD only knows what it was! But knowing mutt breeders like I do, it was probably $500 or $600, or maybe even more. That person was smart! Although I don't agree totally with the way he went about getting that pup for only $100. What he should have done is look at rescues. I see ads on Petfinder all the time for maltese-yorkshire crosses. He should have gone about it that way. But I do feel bad for this person who lost the puppy, because really, Heaven only knows now what that buyer is going to do with that pup. I didn't want to say anything to upset the person who sold the pup, but it could now be in some cage, waiting to be injected with a deadly disease. And have needles poking and prodding at it. Or it could be shot down now, used as target-practice. Or used as pitbull bait. NO dog deserves that! Not even a mongrel puppy.

I did not get Minnie from a shelter, but she was a rescue. I love her a lot too. She's my sweet girl.But I am the kind of person who would rather $400 go towards the purchase of a good purebreed dog. I don't know why, but I am more fascinated by purebreeds than by mixed breeds. I guess because most of the time I was growing up, all my family ever got were mixed breeds. Except maybe Sir Knight. He was a skye terrier. But we only had him for a little while. My ma got tired of him, and my ma was one of those unfortunate people that would get pets, but not keep them long enough to get them used to the place or the family. I think we only had Sir Knight for a couple months. If that long. I was so young back then I don't really remember how long we had him. Glad I didn't grow up like that. After all these years, I still have Minnie and Vegas. And Anna still has Odessa. Of course we are not breeding anymore. Breeders often rotate stock out and in when one set of lines does not work out. I actually got tired of that. We let go of quite a few good chihuahuas doing that! But we made sure they went to good homes. I would still have Groucho, if she hadn't died on me. I was planning on retiring her after that litter was born and raised, and moving on with her babies, if she'd had a female. I was going to keep Groucho as a simple little lap-warmer. But no such luck! But I remember being a kid, and hearing all the other kids talking about their dogs. They would say things like "I've got a german shepherd!" or "I've got a chow chow!" and what did I have? Some mongrel! I felt like a lower life form. I had to say "My dog is mixed with german shepherd" or "My dog is mixed with collie" or something like that. I only had a half a breed, not a whole breed. Made me feel bad as a child! So that is why now I never get anything but purebreeds. I am happy with what I have now. I love my babies! I hope they last me a real long time! As attached as I am to them, if they go, I wouldn't survive. Losing Groucho was hard enough. That almost killed me, even 2 years after it happened. That's why I got Minnie. My Min-Min!!

Well, I don't mean to sound hateful to this breeder, and if I were still in with the big show breeders, I might have said I just hate this person. But I am not with them anymore, and have no intention of ever going back. I'm just a pet-person now. I don't even have the registration papers for either of my dogs. I am just not interested in breeding them. They are my pets. This breeder seems nice enough though. Recently she gave a couple of puppies to some people for free to become therapy dogs. One of the recipients has a child with autism. This breeder is awesome because of that! I told her I wish more breeders would do that! Show breeders say they breed for the love of the breed, but they don't. They breed for attention, fame and respect. Otherwise they would do more of what this person did and donate pups to people who do not have the money, but need a companion. But at the same time, I cannot let it slip through my mind that she also purposefully breeds mongrels, which is something I do not approve of, when so many dogs are dying in shelters. I am kinda torn in 2 different directions. Not a lot of Americans have any sympathy for people with mind-related illnesses. They just call those people crazy and laugh at them, make them feel like non-human creatures. Ya know that is something I never see in people like middle-easterners. I've met people from Pakistan, the Philippenes, and India, and when I tell them I am disabled they don't poke and make fun of me. They actually want to help me. Why aren't Americans like that? LOL! I see the difference all the time.

Well, that was how I met my partner. hehe! He's helping me out now. Well, as for the Christmas season, I must say it was a good one. I cannot afford any new gifts, so I improvised. Anna wanted a camera, so I gave her my good one. I can do without for a while. She gave me a van. hehe! She bought my ma's van that was for sale and gave it to me as a Christmas present. Anna came and spent a couple days here, and we had some fun together. We went to the casino in Sequim and had dinner there. Basically to me, Christmas is just another day. But the best thing is we got to have dinner together. Anna told me about her plan to move to Missoula, which is good. I want her to move there. Missoula is a better place than Bozeman, and it's closer to home. I also made a switch with Anna. I traded her my Keurig machine for her Sodastream machine. I have no use for the Keurig. The only flavor I tried that I liked was the apple cider. I'm not a coffee drinker, she is. But I do love sodas.

Well, yesterday when I got back on the computer, I checked my e-mails like I always do, and Anna had written to me! She told me to go to Aaron's and pick out a laptop and she would help me pay for it each month. I had to read it several times to see if I read it right the first time. I was like "Really?? I can get a laptop??" So the next thing I knew I was in the car going down to Aaron's to pick up the laptop that I wanted. That is what I am now typing on! This is great! I've been tired of using that tablet for a long time! It's too slow, and it doesn't always get online like it should! And it's also too hard to view my Facebook page. It would take forever to load the page, and then when it finally would load, I would think I was pushing one button, but instead would get something very different. It sucked relying totally on that tablet! Well, now the tablet is put away, and I got myself a more reliable laptop. I love it!!! I cannot thank my sister enough. But now I want to do something wonderful for her. I will be working in ernest on that Idaho Falls movie we made last year.
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