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Friday, February 15, 2013

Crazy Clawed Dreams

LOL! That's funny! But I've been having some weird dreams lately, and I don't know what they have been about. Throughout my life, I've been having some really strange dreams. But lately, my dreams have been stranger than usual. Lately I've been having dreams where I turn into animals. LOL! Particularly to attack or kill someone. A few nights ago I had a dream that Anna invited me to her place in Bozeman for a popcorn night, so I went. I knew there was still some turbulence there between those people and myself, but I didn't care, I went anyway. That alone is strange, considering I don't want to go back to Bozeman! And nothing can make me go back ever again! Anyway, when I walked into the building in my dream, I saw that idiot Andy standing by the elevator, so I decided to take the stairs instead. I didn't say a word to him at all in the dream, I just went through the door where the stairs are. Suddenly I noticed Andy had come into the stairwell after me. I just kept going up like nothing was wrong.

Finally I got to the top of the stairwell and I went through the door into the third floor lobby, and made my way to Anna's apartment. Andy was right behind me. No words were spoken in this dream at all, but he did come up behind me and put his hand on my back. When he did that, I turned around and I had turned into this huge, black, panther-like creature with eyes glowing red and I gave him a bone-chilling hiss, and I had the claws out ready to slash him with. But he backed away. So I let him go and continued on to Anna's place. LOL! It wasn't a real panther, but a panther-like animal. Kinda like Catwoman in the movie, only much more evil-looking. Maybe more like a cross between a panther and a bear, with the eyes of a fire-breathing dragon. It was definitely a weird dream! LORD knows I hate panthers! I would never turn to them for salvation.

Last night I had a dream too, I dreamed my sis and I were at a park with our dogs, and we were walking toward a convenience store there in the park. Anna was holding Odessa in her arms, and Vegas and Minnie were running around in a grass field nearby. Well, Anna decided she was going to stay by the enterance to the convenience store. Also standing there were a couple of nazi vegans who were in a protesting mood. One of them looked so familiar, I'd seen him on YouTube before. I think he calls himself mockmcmuffin, or something like that. I'd never watched any of his videos, but I saw his image on the screen his videos are frozen on his channel on. And this guy who was most prevailant in the dream looked just like him. Anyway, he looked at my sister standing there, and he started making cracks about the way she looks. He said to people going by "Hey, you wanna look like this girl, or you wanna look like me?" and blah-blah-blah.

It was then in the dream I turned to Anna and I said "Don't pay any attention to him, but if you'd like to go to another park we will." Anna said "No, that's OK." Anna looked at this mockmcmuffin character and told him to bugger off, and he continued to crack jokes about her. Meanwhile I went into the store. That mockmcmuffin guy followed me in the store and was watching me with great interest. I got an item that I wanted and I went up to the cashier to pay for it, and he started cracking jokes about me as well. I just ignored him in the dream. Until he opened the door to go outside and I heard what sounded like a loud thud. The main thing that went through my mind was he's hurt Odessa. So I ran out there and I was pissed off!! I saw Anna there, still holding Odessa and that mockmcmuffin guy standing near her. The other vegan guy had disappeared at this time. I asked Anna what happened. I asked "Did he hurt Odessa?!" Anna said no he didn't, but in my mind he did. So I started chasing him, and I chased him for a good ways away, I was scratching him and biting him and I angrily said "Don't you EVER hurt my sister OR her dog you BASTARD! You DUMBASS! You ASSHOLE!!" Then I slashed him on the face and said "I'll scratch your eyes out next time!" I tore off his pants and he ran away! LOL! I didn't turn into an animal that time physically, just in spirit.

The vegan nazis think I cannot move without a motorized chair. But I don't even have one of those things, and I move around very well. I can even move fast if I really want to, and have before too, several times. I can do that by not concentrating on my weight and only thinking about what I have to do. It's called mind-over-matter. I remember one time MsPearlsGirl said to Katrina (who is not fat at all) that she can walk faster than Katrina can run. I think she more meant it to refer to me. Well, that makes me think, a person can think they can outrun a fat, 1-ton grizzly bear, until the bear is barreling down on them. I am like that bear. I can look slow, lumbering and clumsy, even tranquil. Until I do what I know I have to do in defense of my family. Then you will see a side of me you'd never guess was there. When I woke up from that dream, my heart was pounding! Kinda scared me!

I don't like confrontations at all, and try to always avoid them. But I have hurt people in the past. I just don't like to, so I don't make that a first resort. My first reaction when I am being harassed is usually just to freeze, and give evil looks. LOL! If that doesn't work, I may tell the person to go away. If that doesn't work, I just walk away. If that doesn't work, and the attacker puts his hands on me, that's when I get violent. Even then, I prefer to just give the person a warning first. Its when that person does not heed that warning that I might be inclined to get physical. For me, getting physical is a very last resort. What I turn to only if the person does not get the message by the 4th or 5th time. LOL! But usually I prefer to keep my hands to myself. If the person stinks as bad as Andy did, I don't even want to touch them!! I don't want whatever is on their body making them smell so bad to get on me! Hell NO!!

Anyway, dreams like this are not entirely new to me. Usually when I dream them it means I may never see that person again. I had a similar dream to the first one back in 1994, after my 4-year friendship with a woman I went to the vocational school with broke off. Her name was Jennifer Krolovic. I still have a comic strip she and I collaborated on together. We got really close. But for some reason in 1993, she decided to end the friendship. A few months later I had that dream, only this time, she followed me into the school building. She wasn't chasing me, but she was following me and anxious to get my attention. When she got up to me, and put her hands on me I turned and hissed at her, and was about to attack her. Then she backed away. LOL! I never saw her again, and never even dreamed of her again. To this day, I have no clue what made her want to end the friendship between us so abruptly. I think it may have been the new, trashy women she was now hanging around when she returned to the voc school that year. It's very possible. I've seen what people turn into when they get in with the "popular crowd". It's never pretty!
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