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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Geez, I must be going out of my mind! People! Last night, I joined a group that shows wildlife portraits, there was a picture of a leopard, the animal that I hate more than any other in the world. I said that thing is an ugly bitch, and it is! I can't stand looking at leopards, and if I see one, I'm gonna say it! I can't stand them. Boy! I sure am feisty about it though! LOL! Well, today I got a message on the Causes page from some idiot named Christina Barton. A total ass, trying to make me feel guilty about hating leopards by calling them God's creatures. Well, MY GOD is trying to eliminate those evil beasts. I don't know who her god is. Well, she went on to say shit that I was looking in the mirror and I was the ugly bitch, and blah-blah-blah, she's never even seen my pic and she can already tell what I look like. LOL! And she said "How dare you call one of God's creatures an ugly bitch!"

Well, you all know me if you'd been reading this blog. I looked at her profile pic. The first thing I noticed was she is not an attractive person herself. She hides her homely face behind mounds of make-up. Even with that, she's still an ugly fucker! She looks like Stan Laurel with long, black hair. A real donkey-face. Oh wait a minute. That would be an insult to donkeys. And to Stan Laurel for that matter! LOL! Well anyway, then I kinda thought about it before I said anything. I kicked it around for a while because I said that I was not going to respond to trolls. And little miss Barton is indeed a troll. But then on the other hand I said to myself "Ya know, that was exactly the same attitude I took with Patti, and I've regretted it since then that I did not stand up to her like I should have." So, I finally decided to have a little fun with little miss Barton. I decided to troll her right back! I called her an ugly bitch. I told her "Yep, you're an ugly bitch! Just like me!" I told her the only thing is I'll be the first to admit I am ugly. And I am. I can have fun with it too. Anyway, I said to her "And how dare you tell me what I can and cannot post! And also how dare you follow me here with the intent to troll! Ugly bitch!"

Well, I gave her one of these :p I really have no hard feelings, I just don't like being told what I can post and what I cannot post by a total stranger. But then I said something really far out! I told her that her kid (also in her profile pic) is ugly and fugly too. LOL!! I was like OMG! You know I never really like to attack a person's children! That's not right. But you know what? I'm not apologizing for it either. She started it with her trolling. But it also got me thinking how screwed up that is. Geez!! I never do shit like that! I must be going out of my mind here. My throat hurts, my eyes hurt, my nose hurts, my chest hurts. My asthma has been bothering me a lot lately. You know what, I think it's because of the formaldehyde fumes in this place! I was warned about them. But they are making my asthma act up, and I think it's making me go crazy. I mean crazier than usual. LOL!

I first noticed something was very wrong when I tried to take a nap, and a pain in my chest shot me awake. I've been having shortness of breath lately, and today, this pain just woke me up. I thought I was having a heart attack. But no, a heart attack does not give you pain. And my breathing was not that shallow. I've been reading about people living in campers having exposure to formaldehyde, and it's worse for people who have asthma. Well, I have asthma! It's scary! Well, as for Ms. Christina Barton, I blocked her butt. So I cannot receive any more notices from her anymore. It's better than attacking her children again! Or going against my word to completely ignore trolls.
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