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Monday, February 18, 2013


Ever have a song that is so good, the tune gets stuck in your head? Did you know those are called "earworms"? I didn't until I read this article. I have had that happen to me several times, which really is one of the reasons I only play music very sparingly. I don't need to because for days after, sometimes even weeks after, I have some of the songs I've played still stuck in my head. Sometimes those songs remanifest themselves in dreams I have. For example, one time I had a dream and for some reason, Michael Jackson's Bad kept playing over and over again in the dream. I do have that song on my iPod, though it is not one of my all-time favorite songs, it's a catchy song. I love all the songs I keep on my iPod, I would not have them on there if I didn't love them. I just find it strange that I would have a dream about that. I don't think a person can control what song will replay over and over in their head, or how long the earworm will last. On me though, they've been known to last for weeks. I could play music one night and 6 weeks later, one of the songs I played is still going on in my mind. Sometimes it's a whole song, and sometimes it's only a small fragment of a song.

According to this article, earworms last longer in women than they do in men. And to them is often more annoying. It's true. Sometimes they have been known to bring to the person some emotional breakdowns. They sometimes do that with me, but not very often. Sometimes they make me laugh, and laugh hard! Sometimes they make me feel a little down. Depending on the song, really. I remember when I was in my late teen years, there was this cartoon that I loved, I called it Beggin' Benny. I would habitually think of that cartoon, especially in the end when he meets up with a bunch of bad guys. I would think of that and I would burst out laughing. To me, it was so funny! And that carried on for weeks. Sometimes my friends at the voc school would wonder why I was laughing so hard. All I could say to them was I was thinking of something really funny. I couldn't really tell them I was thinking of a portion of a cartoon that I thought was so funny. I couldn't really explain that to them. I will say this though, that laughter made me a lot of buddies at that school! Well, that and the fact that I was cute back then, and still friendly to everyone I met. That could be classified as an earworm, because it did involve sounds that kept going on in my head, even though it was a TV show, and not really music. I just never knew this had a name before. I always simply called it "A song stuck in my head". LOL!

You know I never had fun going to school, but I loved going to the voc school. I had numerous friends there. But like I said, I think a lot of it had to do with me being much cuter back then. Surely much cuter than I am now. No, a DAMNSITE cuter than I am now!! I'm fucking ugly now. My friends and family tell me I am not ugly, but I look in the mirror these days, and I see the bride of Godzilla. That's not me being negative, that's me being honest. I know I am ugly, but hey! That's me. Like I always say, we can't all be supermodels. At least I know I am ugly, and I still laugh about it and I am always cracking jokes about it too. It would be much worse if I knew I was ugly, and felt depressed about it. But really, I don't feel depressed because I don't have to look good for anybody but GOD. I think GOD made me the way I am to put some humor into the world. Not just with me, but other people look and make jokes as well. That used to be hurtful to me, but I have learned remarkably how to laugh at myself over the years. I am still waiting for that one creative comment that someone can come up with about me that is unique, and has never been used before. So far, no one has ever thought of that comment. But I still continue to wait.

Well, one person came up with a cute comment, but I found out he stole it from the movie Borat. It's such a shame, it was funny! He said my chin hangs down like the sleeves on a wizard. I saw that comment, and I laughed. If he had come up with that comment by himself, I would have had to give kudos for the most creative comment ever. Unfortunately there are certain words I look for in YouTube comments, and if I see them, I generally don't completely read the comment and simply reject it. I made up my mind months ago that I was no longer going to accept anymore troll comments on YouTube. But anyone can post a comment on this blog. You just cannot be anonymous anymore. But if you want to blame someone for that, blame the fanatical vegans. That's why I hate teenagers! They're always so hateful and negative. I find that most of the nazi-vegan fanatics are teenagers. And mindless at that. So far the *most* creative name they can come up with to call me is "fatty". LOL! I laugh because it is so simplistic, even for a teenager. It's more like a first-grade-level derogate. It makes that person look more desperate than average. That's what leads me to believe those people are teenagers. Their minds haven't developed enough to come up with a better insult so they use the typical "fatty" moniker. That's another reason I never want to go vegan. Seems their minds have deteriorated under the pressure of not having meat or salt in their diet. Most of the fanatics are not at all creative.

The only time vegans use anything new is when they want to make the public feel guilty about eating meat or drinking milk. I don't feel guilty about either, because animals in the wild do it all the time. It doesn't bother them, why should it bother me? They call getting milk "rape". UGH!! No, that is not rape. We're talking about animals here! Not people! I don't think any person who milks cows gets aroused by it. So I don't believe it qualifies as rape. I do think when a big dog pokes it's nose in a spot it shouldn't be at, it is rape. When Vegas sits on my face and pokes his penis at me, that could be considered rape. I hate it when he does that!!! That's what I wake up to just about every morning. He got it from his mom, Odessa. Anna told me 'Dessa does that to her too.
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