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Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Don't Know What To Think Anymore

So many things have been happening this past month, and I've been too busy to actually write about them. Believe me, I have been busy. I am currently working on a new look for the UMG Productions website. I hope to get it done soon. But I have been working hard on it almost daily. I've been so busy with that and working on this story, and thinking of other stories, that I lost track of what is going on in the world. But here are some things that I have that I need to either gripe about, or are confusing me...

1. Skittles. Yes, the fruity-flavored candy with a gel-like center I used to absolutely f***ing LOVE is changing. They are now like the rest of the sheep known as candy companies that are taking away my favorite lime-flavored pieces and replacing them with that wretched green apple flavor!! YUK!! As if we don't already have enough fruit-flavored candies that switched over to that crap! That was the one thing I loved about Skittles, they were the last candies I ever liked that still carried lime candies. Now, they won't be anymore! That really SUCKS!! There is still some hope, at least for a little while longer. Some stores still have the small, $1 boxes of Skittles with lime pieces, and I say enjoy them while you can still get them! I used to love Runts for the same reason, but then they took out the lime flavored pieces and replaced them with that stupid green apple flavor! That pisses me off!! What has the world got against lime?? This is ridiculous!! Leave lime alone!! If Runts wants to make a change for the better, take out those horrid banana-flavored pieces and bring back the lime!! If Skittles wants to be unique, LEAVE THE LIME ALONE!!!! Even Life Savers. Back in 2000 they were going to take out the pineapple pieces, but they never did! They did however take away my favorite lime-flavored pieces. They would have been better off, IMO, taking the pineapple away and leaving the lime pieces in there! Soon I won't be able to enjoy any fruit-flavored candies at all, and believe it or not, there are times I crave something sweet, but don't exactly want anything chocolate. I haven't had Life Savers since 2000 and I haven't had Runts since 2002, and this year will be my last year I guess having Skittles.

2. I found out this afternoon that my old landlord Carolyn quit her position here and moved away. Now, we have a couple in her place, a man and a woman. I hope the man is handy with fixing things. I don't know what happened to Carolyn, suddenly she just decided to quit without any warning or announcement. I'm going to miss her!! I don't know what this new manager is like, I just met her today and got word that Carolyn quit the position. I kinda wonder if Elaina got to her. Elaina is kinda pushy. Nice, but pushy. Carolyn got in trouble a few times for giving the phone number to the maintenance guy out to tenants. I also know she was terminally ill, and maybe she thought that managing this park was too much stress on her. I don't know really. But I do feel bad she is no longer here. She was such a nice person. I even still have her phone number on my cellphone's speed-dial. Elaina, I don't know about her. One minute she can seem really nice, but then the next minute she can seem really salty. Not sure what to think here now. With Carolyn I had more freedom to expand, I don't know about this new landlord. But the rules in this park state that if we have a problem, to talk to our resident landlord, or call Elaina. But then when someone tries to do either, the attending manager gets in trouble. Not really fair!

3. Letting go of a friend. The other night, I had a little bit of a collision with a friend on Facebook. Now, don't get me wrong, she's usually a very sweet person. I do like her. But she's kindof fanatical about cats. I hate cats, and one of the big reasons is because of cat-fanatics like her. I like dogs, and lemurs, but I am not fanatical about them. But if a person likes cats and no other animals, in my eyes, that person is not an animal lover at all. It's not just the fact she is fanatical about cats, but she said that she would run a dog over with her car to save a cat. I was like "What?!?!" She would run over and kill a member of someone's family just to save a sick stray cat that kills wild animals and carries diseases harmful to humans?? That doesn't make any sense to me. But frankly, I cannot say much about that, so I held my tongue. I myself have killed cats on the road in the long run to save birds, squirrels and any other animal that would have been that cat's potential prey. So has Katrina, my best friend. She killed 3 cats in one day once; 2 on her way to work and one on the way to a local restaurant where she had her lunch, and she boasts about it because she hates cats more than I do. She even laughs when she sees a dead cat on the side of the road, or a dead cat anywhere. She hates them THAT much! Katrina will stop for dogs, raccoons, even mice. The only animal she won't stop for is cats.

Yes, cat fanciers would argue that owls eat the same species, even if they are endangered. The argument I have for that is the owls were here first. Cats are not native to this country, they are actually invaders. We do have wild cats here, but they don't just kill a bird or a squirrel and don't eat it. Only lions do that. Feral cats however kill just to be killing, and that is not cool. I don't even like most people for that same reason. So yeah, I would never approve of killing a dog to save anything as useless as a cat. Don't get me wrong though, I would never deliberately kill someone's pet. If I know the cat belongs to someone and is their pet, I would not hurt it under any circumstances. I've gotten out of my car to physically move my landlord's cat once. I didn't have to, I could have just crushed it under my van, but I knew that was her kitty, and I know she valued it. In fact, I am actually going to miss that cat. It was a sweet kitty. I don't think kitty cats are ugly. In fact, they look like lemurs to me. If my feelings about cats were based solely on the way they look, cats would actually be my favorite animals simply because they look like lemurs. I don't hate cats for the way they look, I hate them for the way they are. They are destructive. Many times more destructive than a dog of similar size. Cats carry diseases like typhoid, myotoxicosis, necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria), staphococcus and ringworm. I also read an article recently that cats actually make their owners go crazy. Something about a pheromone released by the animals that gets to a person's brain and over time, extended exposure to it causes a chemical imbalance in the brain. I'm trying to word it like the article did. LOL! If I could find that article I would link to it now, I think it was on the Discovery Channel's website. The reason I believe this article is because I've seen many cat fanatics and they were indeed the craziest people I've ever met!! All of them alike. Yet dog fanciers are not like that at all. So there is a difference there. Even when I was a kid I noticed the difference, and I loved cats when I was a kid. I noticed dog fanicers were more calm, friendly, laid-back people, while other cat-fanciers were crazy. That's kinda what made me change my mind about cats. I stopped loving them so much when I was about 7 years old. Even though I had a cat since then, and he was the greatest cat I've ever known, I still would never feel the way about them that I did when I was a kid.

Well, those things are basically what is on my mind now, just wanted to post an update here. Going to make some doughnuts out of canned biscuit dough tonight. My ma used to do them that way and they were awesome! I'd been craving some recently so I decided to try this myself.
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