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Monday, February 18, 2013

I Hate Dogs

No, I haven't "switched over"! That will never happen. I'll always be a dog lover. But there is a Facebook page devoted to hating dogs. You know a page like this would never have existed 20 years ago. It's a shame such a page exists now. This is unfortunately what society today has become. How can anyone hate a little dog?? That is totally beyond my realm of knowledge. Bigger dogs, that do more damage, I can see people hating sometimes. They tear up homes, and are butt-sniffers, and are known for hurting people sometimes. But they do have some compensating qualities. They guard our homes, they are the best bodyguards too. They aid the blind, and they herd cattle and sheep, and we all know if it wasn't for cattle and sheep, we would not be able to eat or have clothing on our backs. Dogs help our military soldiers, they are wonderful companions for children. Dogs are even known to bring good fortune to people of royalty. Thats why most of them own dogs. Those that didn't got assassinated. Bigger dogs may be more destructive than little dogs, but they do have compensating qualities. We can actually learn a lot from dogs. Dogs can teach us how to love one another unconditionally, how to be faithful to each other, and how to be more social. It worked for a friend of mine. She was totally anti-social until she got a dog.

Well, this Facebook page, I haven't seen it at all, but it seems to promote abuse towards dogs, and that is wrong. I'd be willing to bet the owners of that page are a bunch of feline fanatics, definitely Hellbound. I wonder how they would feel if someone were to create a page promoting violence against cats. No, I am not going to do it. I just wonder how those people would feel if such a page existed. But it is sad that this is what has become of the world, hating dogs and favoring cats. What can cats teach us? How to be anti-social, how to demand what you want until you get it, how to kill and torture people, how to do nothing but lay around the house all day long and do nothing, how to manipulate other people into thinking you are the best thing that ever happened to them, when you really are not. These are things that suprisingly, a lot of cat-people claim they love about cats. But how can you "love" this? Do you also love those qualities in people?? If not, and you love them in cats, isn't that a little bit contradictory? Shouldn't your own species take precidence over a different one? Personally I don't like any of those qualities in people, which is one reason why I hate cats. Besides the fact that cats are far more destructive than dogs of similar size.

I was looking at some places today, and I saw a very nice mobile home! I think it can even fit in this park! It was gorgeous, it looked to be the same length as this trailer, only it was much wider, I would say about 12-14 feet wide. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and 2 of the bedrooms and one of the bathrooms is on one side of the house, and the master bed and bath are on the opposite side of the house. It wasn't much to look at on the outside, but the inside was very roomy! I was thinking of getting that and then I can get myself a couple of roommates to live there with me. I was saying I might allow them to have a small dog, but no big dogs and definitely NO CATS!!! If they do have cats, the cats would have to stay outside 24/7, I won't allow them in the house. For the simple reason that cats are much more destructive than a small dog. I was reading some comments on a Facebook page that I am a member of, and one person talked about a neighbor of his who had a cat, the cat caused his house to burn to the ground and ever since then he's hated cats. Well, I don't blame him! I would hate cats for that reason too! I don't want that to be my house's fate, or anything similar. My own neighbor has a cat that caused a flood in his house. I just don't want that to happen in my home. So if I go through with this idea, I would allow the renters to only have a small dog, but no cats.

Dogs are gifts from GOD. I truly believe that. They would not love us if GOD did not intend them to be with us. Cats are the curses of the Egyptians. It is because of feline worship that the ancient Egyptian civilizations are now gone. Our own civilizations will follow them if we continue to worship felines like they did. I can already see the downfall of American civilization happening right now, with little doubt it is due to feline worship. So pages like this one need to be taken off the internet. Go here and sign the petition: http://www.causes.com/actions/1661963-remove-the-i-hate-dogs-page-from-facebook Have this dumbass page removed before we are all bound for a hellish nightmare in this country.
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