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Monday, February 4, 2013

Karen Carpenter's Death

Today is the 30th anniversary of Karen Carpenter's death. I noticed the article on the sideline. Now, it's not that I care anything about Karen Carpenter at all. I never liked the Carpenters! But it's the way she died that interests me. She had a heart attack due to anorexia. I found this very interesting. People did not know much about anorexia and it's dangers until she died and it's funny. People now know more about anorexia than they do about obesity. Very little is really known about obesity, and people tend to want to blame the obese person for being obese. The fact of the matter is both anorexia and obesity are the same thing, just different sides of the same spectrum.

Now, again don't misunderstand me, there are fat people that are fat because they did it to themselves. But anorexic people are just as much to blame for being anorexic. They choose to be anorexic, every bit as much as an obese person chooses to be obese. Anyone who argues otherwise is a fool of society. I think a lot of fat people though blame a thyroid problem for being fat because it's a way of shifting the blame, thus a chance for them to be accepted. Me personally, I never blame a thyroid problem because I would be lying if I did. My thyroid has been tested and it's fine. I am fat because I have an addiction to chocolate. I readily admit it. I endulge in it too much. But chocolate is a real addiction. Just like an anorexic person has an addiction to being thin. Many of them starve themselves to the point of death in order to avoid being fat. Me, I would rather be fat than dead.

The reason I bring this up is because people tend to feel more empathy for anorexic people than they do for obese people. Obese people can be mean and nasty tempered, but I think it's more because they expect society to have a bad attitude towards them. Like why black people and native Americans can be mean and temperamental too. They went through years of oppression and have come to expect trouble from other people. The same with obese people. I was always very nice until I began having problems with people after I gained weight. It brings you to a point where you just don't want to talk to people or sometimes even see them. I've been lucky though, I managed to develop a tough skin, and fat names don't bother me anymore. But I can see where it would make another fat person want to build a wall around themselves.

People blame obese people because their insurance rates go up. Well, you can just as easily blame anorexic people or smokers for that. Obese people are not the only ones to blame. But so little is really known about obesity, most people just say "oh a fat person can just lose weight and all their problems would be solved." But it is not as easy as just saying "I'm going to lose weight." And people who are out to make fun of a fat person do not help their matters. It just makes the problem worse. Fat people are the way they are probably because they find comfort in food. I just simply find chocolate delicious. I don't want to give it up. I would have to probably be hypnotized to hate chocolate. I've even seen people who say they feel more for a person who smokes or drinks because smoking and drinking is an addiction that the person cannot help. Well, so is chocolate. It is a known fact that chocolate has addictive qualities, much like nicotene. It arouses certain taste buds that triggers happy impulses in the brain and that feels good. So yes, chocolate is an addiction.

I even saw one person who commented on one of my YouTube videos that said he would make fun of a fat person every chance he gets. So he is part of the problem. A person who makes fun of a fat person cannot call themselves part of the solution, only part of the problem. Calling a person names from a moving vehicle is not going to help someone lose weight. It really just makes them want to eat more. Especially if they are the kind of person that finds comfort in food. Me, I have other ways of finding comfort. LOL! I go shopping and that makes me feel good. I also have my dogs, even though Vegas is ornery! I really only eat when I am hungry. Though I always try to make room for chocolate. Especially if the chocolate has nuts. I love chocolate and nuts!!

I just had to get this off my chest because it seems more is known about anorexia than about obesity, probably because people learn more about anorexia simply because they think a thin person is more attractive, so that makes them want to open their minds more to a thin person's problems. But since fat people are considered unattractive, the outside world closes their minds, and only hears what they want to hear about obesity, thinking just the little bit of information we have now is all there is to hear about it. But really, so little is known about it that I think the world would be surprised to find out all there is to know about it. It's truly a very complex issue. While there are people who can lose weight, there's really more to it than saying "I think I'll start going out for a walk every morning now." Ask a fat person. At least someone like me. I'll be honest.
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